Sep 15, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Oneida Indian Nation protests the use of the Washington Redskins mascot and logo at Lambeau Field before game against the Green Bay Packers. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Senator John McCain says Redskins should change their name (Video)

The debate over whether the Washington Redskins should change their name is one that has been ongoing for years and it not likely to come to an end any time soon unless team owner Dan Snyder removes the slur attached to the Washington franchise.

The latest critic of the name is Arizona Senator John McCain who was on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning and sait it’s probably time to change the name because Native Americans consider the term to be a slur.

“I do believe that, if I were him, I would sit down with Native American leaders,” McCain said.  “I’d call the Native American leaders together.  And I’d sit down with them, and I’d say, ‘OK, what is it that you want?  How do you want me to do it?’  If I were him, I’d have a dialogue.  And if they think it’s that offensive and terrible I would certainly probably — I’m not the owner, he has the rights of an owner — but frankly I would probably change the name.  Myself, I’m not offended, you’re not offended.  But there are Native Americans who are.”

To see the full interview with McCain including his thoughts on Pat Tillman, his admiration for Ted Williams, his time as a prisoner of war and he even called Sarah Palin to get her on the show, you can watch it below courtesy of

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  • David Dorman

    Snyder has met with Native American tribes. McCain u old fart mind your business and worry about your reelection after failing miserably for your constituents.

  • GuyMontag425

    Why not get answers? “They covered-it up.” Why? “Embarrassment, propaganda, inexcusable. “

    “They covered it up.” Gen. Stanley McChrystal supervised the Bush Administration’s cover-up of Tillman’s friendly –fire death (concealed it from medical examiner, supervised the writing of a fraudulent Silver Star, failed to notify the family for 35 days even though friendly fire was confirmed just 2 days later, etc).

    “Inexcusable”? What a hypocritical politician! Afterwards, Senator McCain twice voted to promote McChrystal to the highest rank . In 2008, after pressure was put on him by Secretary Robert Gates & President Bush, he rolled over on his opposition to McChrystal’s promotion to Director of the Joint Staff. In 2009, McCain was part of the bi-partisan whitewash of McChrystal ‘s command of the cover-up and JSOC torture during his Senate confirmation hearing (along with Democrat Senators Carl Levin & James Webb) to command the Afghan War (that turned out well…).

    For details, see the April 2014 Feral Firefighter blog post “Defend Your Integrity,” the April 2012 post “Something to Die For,” and the August 2010 post “The [Untold] Tillman Story.”

  • GuyMontag425

    “Mothers never get over it.”

    During her May 28, 2008 “The Nation” interview with Dave Zirin, Mary Tillman (Mother) said: “He [McCain] was very helpful initially … he started backing off. I think he thought that we were becoming sort of a political encumbrance to him … He definitely eased out of the situation. He didn’t blatantly say he wouldn’t help us, it’s just that it became clear that he kind of drifted away.”

    I’d speculate that President Bush & Secretary Gates put political pressure on Senators Carl Levin, James Webb, and John McCain to get them to cave-in and reverse their opposition. With Senator Webb, perhaps it was so he could get his GI Bill passed. With McCain, he was running for President that year; perhaps he didn’t want to lose Bush’s support and fundraising money [for details, see the Feral Firefighter blog post “Defend Your Integrity”].

    In his piece, “Ten Years Later: Questions Still Surround Pat Tillman’s Death (“The Nation”, 4-21-14), Dave Zirin asked, “How do we understand the actions of Senator John McCain? … For a while, McCain was their ally. Then he ran for president in 2008 and stopped helping them. … John McCain should have to explain why he stopped helping the Tillman family.” Amen.

    “The truth may be painful, but it’s the truth… If you feel you’re being lied to, you can never put it to rest.” — Mary Tillman (2004)