Apr 30, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin (7) celebrates after making a three-pointer during the fourth quarter against the Portland Trail Blazers in game five of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets unlikely to trade Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik

All season long there seemed to be endless discussion about what would happen to Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik in Houston but neither ended up being traded before the deadline. Now that the Rockets have been bounced from the postseason in the first-round of the second consecutive year, the talks of trading Asik and Lin have resurfaced but no new progress has been made.

According to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle, the Rockets would like to get the contracts of Asik and Lin off the books but won’t do so unless there’s an endgame that sees a top free agent use up the extra money.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

That is less likely but definitely an option. It’s less likely because if the Rockets are not using cap space on free-agent replacements, they would need talent back, making a deal much tougher to complete. Asik is certain to leave a year later. Lin might, though he seems far more comfortable with his role.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the Rockets won’t be trading one or the other — Asik being the most likely to go — but if they do trade them then we know what is next for the Rockets. They have to be careful though as the only free agent worth going all-in for is Carmelo Anthony and as iffy as fans were on Lin and Asik this year, they can’t be given up for just anything in return.

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  • Dennis Reyes

    Tell Morey and mchale to trade Lin and asik in any nba team!.
    They both doesn’t deserve in this team!.

    Because this team dont want to give them an oppurtunity to play their best game!.

    More likely to trade them to bucks!
    Sanders + session
    Lin + Asik!.

    • Noel

      Asik should change his name to Asuck. Lin is an asset to any team. He’s an all around unselfish player who has good attitude.

  • Ray B

    Please please be bull. Please trade this kid. Give him his freedom from the toxic bearded ball hog, toxic mcfail and toxic howard. The coach is a close minded idiot and most of the players are beyond selfish.

    • Katy Campbelle

      i rather he be Bull than a Knicks again. Just cause they screwed him over, he will be use more as a poster boy to sell merchandise than allowed to play pro. Bulls have made it to the playoffs w/o him, so with Jeremy it would def be a big boost in the right direction. if Melo is traded for Jeremy and Asik it would not benefit Jeremy since he likes the west coast. I don’t blame him, east coast tends to be all rush and attitude.

  • Ray B

    Now having said what I just said…..they will try to trade both Asik and Lin. They always say stuff like this not to look too anxious.

    • Intrep1d

      The #1 thing the Rockets should do is replace McHale. That will make more of a difference than any roster change.

  • setrue

    Morey is just posturing to not show his hand but we all know he wants to trade both players since arrival of Harden and Howard. He has been just too greedy about his asking price for them. Trade them forthe best offer already and go full speed ahead with hogball Harden alternating shots with give me my post ups Howard. No need to pretend the team needs a true point guard to direct team basketball. Rockets iso will win enough regular season games to keep fans happy but will get bounce in playoffs when defenses tighten up on hero ball offense. Morey, set Asik and Lin free, they only want to play team oriented basketball whiich is obviously not happening in Houston anytime soon with or with McFail.

  • Tim Yeung

    Hope they trade Lin. Lin needs to play as a starter for a team that will appreciate his skills and let him play his role as PG.

  • erguy

    trade lin or fire mchale

    • Noel

      This limping coach and Lin are like waiter and oil never can be together. Lin’s talent and skills shall be wasted under that fvcking coach.

  • Michael T
    • Katy Campbelle

      Another wasted year for Houston and another year of pointless games leading to nowhere.

  • eddie1234

    I hope this is not just a rumor but a fact. Since they will keep McHale, then let Lin go so we can follow him.

    • Noel

      McHale looks like he hates Asians.

  • maran747

    Rockets will never win with James Choke-No-D-Ball-Stop Harden. Even coupled with another ball stopper Carmelo. What good is that hideous beard other than to draw attention for himself. He puts up the numbers during regular season, but disappears in the playoffs. Why do you think Thunder traded him, because of his chocking in the finals, a choker always a choker…

    • Noel

      The Beard sucks. Just looking at his face sucks. Very selfish. Poor defensive player. All he knows is to shoot and shoot.

    • tootskie


  • Tuan Nguyen

    Spending a gigantic money on Dwight Howard; but still could not win the first round of playoff. What a waste of money; so what is the reason? The reason is the stupid coach McHale. I guarantee you even they bring Carmelo Anthony or Rolando; they still could not win the first playoff round for next year. McHale favorite player is Harden beard guy; no wonder the style they play is one man team Harden.

    • Noel

      Howard? Howard bound. Can’t even make free throws.

  • Frank

    This is a sin to not let JLin go to a team where he can show his true potential! He does not belong to the bench

    • Noel

      Agree. Rockets have done injustice to Lin. Lin deserves a better team and coach. Why not go to Miami Heat ?

  • Noel

    Asik, yes. Lin, no. No use keeping 7 foot center who can’t run, jump, rebound, shoot. Lin can do all those even at only 6’2.

  • Jah

    Rockets management are lying. Here’s the deal. Any trade for Carmelo Anthony have to involve Asik, Parsons and Jones. Any trade for Rondo have to involve Lin, Parsons and Jones.

    Parsons is central to any trade scenario to take on Lin and Asik diminishing return. And that’s the problem. Morey thinks he should get either guys without giving up Parsons and that just not going to happen.

    What’s sad here, Morey’s delusional in thinking Parsons is that valuable to our team when he isn’t. We shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on Parsons if Melo wants a sign and trade with the Rockets.

    We simple have too many Racist-Heads like McHale, Morey and the White-boy fan base to think Parsons is critical to our success when he isnt.

    • Intrep1d

      A few weeks ago, no one thought Parsons was expendable. A lot has changed since then. I also don’t think this has anything to do with race. The Rockets in general just aren’t that good.

      • Katy Campbelle

        Agree, the management blows, even if they replace McHale later, it would be 1 more year of pointless games trying to get NOWHERE. Don’t know if NBA set it this way for the big 3. Heat Vs Bobcats? Really…. anyway, IF they trade iono why the Rockets would give up 2 PF and a Center for 1 PG/SG. Lin, Parsons and Jones for Rondo would be great!!! But once again 3-1??

  • Intrep1d

    Lin had a good postseason. His failures and successes in this Portland series have given him a lot of experience which will serve him well in the future. In fact, Lin probably influenced the outcome of this playoffs more than Harden, especially with regards to Houston’s wins in game 3 and 5.

    This team’s greatest liability is Coach McHale, whether they choose to admit it or not. Unless he drastically changes, I don’t think the Rockets are primed for any deep playoff run during his tenure with the team.

  • imroxfan

    Houston Rockets do not deserve Jeremy Lin, period.

    Lin needs to be free from a PG snake pit in Houston. As soon as Lin is traded to another team, I would not be surprised if Lin starts produce 20/8 .

    Rockets have an idiotic racist head coach who hates Asian; and two franchise stars including a
    toxic selfish ball hog, and an offense-deficient weak-minded center.

    Rockets will NEVER win any trophy the next 3 seasons for sure!

    • Katy Campbelle

      First year in playoffs and he played better than the starters. He couldn’t play in the past cause of his surgery for his knee. I hope he recovers well and seek continued treatment of his knee. As for where he goes, any team should be happy to have him considering how well he has shown he can do in playoff situation. Ppl say his 15mil is too high yet they paid 5x more for SGs that fail them over and over again.

    • Kevin Jensen

      LOL! yeah…20 turnovers and 8 points. Lin is a turnover machine. I agree we need to trade him….bc he plays like a fool even though he graduated from Harvard.

  • john smith

    Too bad. Lin needs a change for his future sake

  • nate whitlock

    Wow, a lot of people are still holding on tight to Linsanity… Lin does not affect the bottom line like howard and the beard does, truth of the matter is the west is too talented and competitive.

  • Ric V. Avelino

    Bulls or Knicks is better for Jeremy Lin. Morey’s role as GM is actually a marketeer. He is playing the bluff of not selling nor trading. Actually, he is waiting for the highest bidder. He knows and the Rockets know that Lin was the factor to the two playoff wins of them that is resulting to Lin’s upgrading. To the highest bidder with a good trade gets Lin.
    Now, why was he blamed for the game 4 when the coach could have called the timeout so Lin can avoid a traveling? Because Lin is the scapegoat. But to those who understands know that the biggest mistake was that of PB’s losing the ball in the last seconds of the overtime. They say Lin is a friend of PB but not of the coach. Have you read the wordings of paid writers during the game 6? The object was to impressed for their employer player superstar’s greatness. Not of the team. So, Bulls or Knicks, please as long as there is a change of coach. .

  • Jeffrey Yam
  • Kevin Jensen

    All these people riding Lin. The dude SUCKS! He is a turnover machine and looks like he’s stuck in sand compared to everyone else around him. He is an extremely intelligent guy yet plays like a total fool! He is always picking up his dribble in the lane or jump passing. Get rid of him and let his train of followers bother some other team!