WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Bray Wyatt defeats John Cena in Steel Cage match (GIF)

John Cena and Bray Wyatt were squaring off in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules. Cena was using the cage to separate Wyatt from Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Early on Cena had chances to climb the cage twice but Harper and Rowan made him hesitant.

At one point early in the match it allowed Wyatt to climb up after him and catch him. Cena was temporarily dragged down but knocked Wyatt to the mat. Wyatt got up again and caught him and brought him back down. Standing on the top turnbuckle, Cena knocked Wyatt down, but than Wyatt caused Cena to fall on his nether region on the turn buckle. Wyatt went for the pin in the middle of the ring but Cena kicked out.

Cena was able to recover and gain the upper hand and once again tried to climb the cage. Wyatt did his creepy upside down crawl towards the open door, causing Cena to abandon his climb to keep Wyatt in the cage. Wyatt clotheslined Cena and went for a pin again, but Cena kicked out. Wyatt then threw Cena into the cage.

Cena got the upper hand and slammed Wyatt and went for the five knuckle shuffle and landed it. He threw Wyatt on his shoulders, but Wyatt grabbed the cage and got off his shoulders and tried to climb the cage. Cena pulled him off and power-bombed him.

Cena crawled towards the open door, but Erick Rowan came over and closed it. The two of them had a power struggle as Cena tried to push the door open. Harper came over and helped push the door shut and Bray Wyatt came over and hit Cena. Wyatt pulled Cena over the rope and slammed Cena and went for the pin unsuccessfully.

Cena was able to slam Wyatt and climbed over the top, and as he was climbing down, Erick Rowan climbed up the side and tossed Cena back into the cage.

Wyatt climbed the ropes and they were both on the top rope, but Cena slammed Wyatt off and went for the pin. Cena once again tried to climb the cage, but this time Harper met him atop the ring and punched Cena, causing him to stumble. Cena pulled Harper into the cage off the top and Wyatt was trying to get through the door. Cena kicked the door from the top of the cage knocking Wyatt back into the ring, but Rowan was waiting at the bottom with a steel chair keeping Cena in the cage. Wyatt landed a vertical suplex and  then a back splash and went for a pin. Cena kicked out.

Cena kicks the door on Wyatt

Wyatt went for a Sister Abigail, but Cena reversed it into a STF lock, while Wyatt crawled to the door. Cena let go and pulled Wyatt back in the ring, but Rowan was holding Wyatt’s wrists creating a tug-of-war situation. Cena threw Harper off the cage before Wyatt threw Cena off the cage.

Wyatt started climbing the cage, and Cena got up and caught him. Cena threw Wyatt on his shoulders and landed an AA from the second rope. Cena went for the pin but Harper, who is in the cage now, broke it up.

Cena clotheslined Harper and began crawling the cage and of course Rowan positioned himself and started to climb from the other side. Cena grabbed Rowan’s beard, using it to pull Rowan’s head repeatedly into the top part of the cage.

Cena pulls his beard

Cena had an opportunity with the entire Wyatt family out cold, but he was out of steam and tried to crawl towards the open door. He got to the opening and paused unnecessarily and than the lights went out and the Wyatt’s creepy sound came on. When the lights came back on a  kid in a robe was singing “the whole wide world” in Cena’s face. Cena was some how startled and scared by the kid.

Bray Wyatt landed a Sister Abigail and walked towards the door, exiting and winning the match.

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