WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Cesaro wins triple threat match against RVD, Jack Swagger (GIF)

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In the first match of the WWE Extreme Rules match on Sunday night, Rob Van Dam, Cesaro and Jack Swagger were all  fighting. RVD got the upper hand early and pulled off a cool move throwing Cesaro onto Swagger.

Cesaro nearly regained the momentum before Jack Swagger interrupted. Swagger went to work on RVD, before getting thrown out of the ring. Than Cesaro tried to flip RVD over the top rope but, RVD reversed it flipping Cesaro on to the mat.

Swagger got up and clotheslined RVD to take control of the match, and rolled RVD into the ring and went for the pin but RVD kicked out.  Swagger threw RVD onto the top turnbuckle and flipped him off the top and went for the pin, but RVD kicked out.

Cesaro came in and got the momentum and pulled off his swing move, and RVD interrupted with a foot to the face. He went for the pin but Cesaro kicked out.

RVD went for a body slam and was going to jump off the top rope onto Cesaro, but Swagger reversed pulling him off straight into a Patriot Lock. Right as RVD rolled and reversed and was kicking Swagger, Cesaro came flying off the ropes broke it up.

Cesaro climbed onto the turnbuckle and went with a vertical suplex on Swagger off the edge of the mat. Cesaro was winded and RVD landed a five star splash on Swagger, then pinned and eliminated him.

Cesaro recovered and went with a series of successive slams on RVD, but he kicked out of the ensuing pin. Cesaro landed a german suplex straight into a pin, but RVD kicked out. RVD retreated to the outside, and Cesaro flew off the top rope with a two-handed hammer fist onto RVD. He then threw RVD into the barricade.

Cesaro climbed onto the barricade, but RVD recovered and knocked him off balance causing Cesaro to fall stomach first onto the barricade. As he laid on the barricade, RVD flew off the edge of the ring with a flying kick.

RVD had the upper hand and landed a moonsault on Cesaro and went for a pin, but Cesaro kicked out. RVD went under the ring for a trash can. But Cesaro slid under the bottom rope driving the trash can into RVD’s face.

The crowd started chanting “we want tables” as Cesaro rolls RVD back into the ring. Cesaro went to hit RVD with a trash can, but RVD reversed and rolled up Cesaro, who kicked out. RVD put the trash can on Cesaro and went to the top rope.

Cesaro moved but left the trash can there as RVD went for a five-star splash. Cesaro hit the neutralizer on RVD onto the trash can and got the pin and the win.

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