WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Daniel Bryan defeats Kane in epic match, retains WWE World Heavyweight Championship (GIFs)

In the main event of WWE’s Extreme Rules, Kane and Daniel Bryan fought for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan ran after Kane as he was making his entrance to start the match but Kane took the upper hand early.

Bryan was able to get the upper hand when Kane went to the top rope, then Bryan landed a running knee to Kane who was standing in a corner. Bryan then ran at Kane knocking them both over the top rope. Kane landed a big boot to Bryan’s face and regained the momentum outside the ring.

After throwing Bryan into a barricade, Kane threw Bryan off the top of the barricade. Kane rolled Bryan into the ring and threw chairs into the ring. Bryan tried to fight back with a kendo stick, and was jumping off the top rope when Kane landed a big punch to the throat. He then went to work on Bryan with one of the chairs.

Bryan was able to get out of a choke hold and cause Kane to go face first into a chair in the turn buckle. Kane was out of the ring and Bryan flew threw the ropes at him and began to rip apart the Spanish announcer’s table. he hit Kane with the covers and monitors from the tables.

Kane was able to reverse and regain the upper hand. Bryan was laying on the Spanish announce table and Kane climbed on top and went for a choke slam. Bryan got out of it and landed a flying DDT to Kane.

Kane got a kendo stick and continued to beat Kane with it, going from the side of the ring and moving up the ramp. Finally Kane delivered a punch knocking Bryan down. He picked Bryan up and threw him into the video board, knocking the power out to that section.

Bryan into video board

Kane pulled Bryan back stae and continued to beat him, throwing a flat screen in a pool of water causing a dangerous situation.

Kane TV into water

Kane threw Bryan off various containers in the back. They made it out to the parking lot/garage, and Kane threw Bryan off the television truck.

Bryan found a snow shovel and hit Kane with it and then threw Kane off the same television truck. Bryan climbed on top of Kane, who was laying on a Ford and landed some Yes punches. Kane reversed and threw a metal tank at Bryan, who ducked and it went through the windshield.

Kane wind shield

Kane tried to punch Bryan, but Bryan ducked and Kane punched the window of a car.

Kane punches window

Bryan got a tire iron out of a trunk and knocked Kane upside the head with it knocking him out.

Bryan Tire Iron

Bryan couldn’t figure out what to do, so he dragged him onto a wood pallet, already on a fork lift. Kane began to move so Bryan knocked him out again and then got behind the wheel and raised Kane up on the fork lift, then drove back towards the ring.

Bryan raised Kane up high over the fork lift, over the ropes and tilted it forward rolling Kane off the fork lift and into the ring.

Bryan then climbed the fork lift, which still had the wood pallet in the air and did his Yes! gesture. He then flew off and landed a head butt and went for the pin, but Kane kicked out. Bryan was doing his Yes chants again when Kane popped up. Bryan ran at Kane, but got caught in a choke slam.

Bryan was able to kick out when Kane went for the pin. Kane then got a chair and went for a tombstone onto a steel chair, but Bryan countered. Bryan went for a pin, but Kane kicked out.

Bryan then repeatedly hit Kane with a steel chair. Bryan got Kane in the S-Lock, but Kane got to a kendo stick and hit Bryan with it. Bryan got the stick away from Kane and used it in the S-Lock.

Kane got out and retreated out of the ring, and Bryan tried to jump through the ropes onto Kane. Bryan instead got caught by Kane in the choke hold and went through the Spanish announcer’s table.

Kane choke slam Daniel bryan thru table


Kane rolled Bryan into the ring and pulled out another table from underneath the ring. Kane then pulled out of a gas container and poured it onto the table, then set it on fire. Bryan was able to counter and put Kane through the table, and a worker came with a fire extinguisher to put out Kane. Kane came into the ring and Bryan landed a flying knee, and then pinned him for the win to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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