WWE Superstar Alexander Rusev. Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE's Alexander Rusev's match dedicated to Vladimir Putin

WWE Extreme Rules is currently underway with R-Truth and Xavier Woods taking on Alexander Rusev.

Now something interesting was announced by Alexander Rusev’s manager Lana. These characters are billed from Russia, so Lana announced that this match was dedicated to her role model, hero, and inspiration.

Who was this match dedicated to? None other than Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Putin made nation wide headlines after there have been talking about invading Ukraine. Immediately after his name was announced, the WWE put up the Russian President’s picture on the mega-tron which was followed up by Alexander Rusev’s entrance theme.

It was an interesting move by the WWE creative team, but it was surely a great way to get Rusev and his manager Lana more heat. I honestly think it could cause a little bit of controversy.

Rusev is proving that he’s got what it takes to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It may not happen right away, but he will end up with a major WWE title over his shoulder within the next couple of months.

If Bad News Barrett doesn’t pick up the Intercontinental Championship from Big E. tonight, then I’ll put my money on Alexander Rusev to be the guy who does it.

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