Hand Controller used for Apollo 15 crew on the Moon for Sale

Rarely do pieces of history hit the open market without making their way into a museum first.  For the space enthusiasts out there, the manual hand controller used to land the Apollo 15 crew on the moon, is about to change that.


Dave Scott, Commander, used the rotational hand controlled to land the Apollo 15 on the moon in 1971.  The spacecraft was targeted to land roughly 3000 feet south of the desired landing area.  While initially Mission Control thought to not inform the crew, they ended up deciding to fill them in.  Scott worked to use the hand controller to correctly land the Apollo 15 at its desired site.


The hand controller was used in multiple other endeavors, including the landing of the Lunar Module.  The controller itself is in great condition, still containing some of the original seals and retaining the spring tightness.  The bidding is expected to reach $300,000 as artifacts from the personal collections of those tied to the Apollo 15 moon landing are highly sought after.

For more information on the auction as well as other pieces that will be featured, check out www.rrauction.com


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