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New Halo and "Killer" PlayStation 4 Graphics

Thanks to industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, it looks like gamers are being treated to a couple new tidbits of information regarding some highly anticipated titles in the coming months.  Rasheed has developed quite an impressive track record regarding his gaming information.

Ashan revealed, one of the 1st party exclusives, in development for Playstation 4, at one of Sony’s own western studios features eastern influence, heavy action and “killer graphics.”  He went on to describe the title as being better than what we’ve seen with Ubisoft’s Snowdrop’s engine, a piece of technology that has been held in high regard.

Rasheed made sure not to leave out Xbox One fans.  He mentioned of a JRPG in development, and some information about the next Halo, which according to his source, will be very different from previous titles of the series, very ambitious and “more or less open world.”

He also went as far as confirmed that the leaks dropped earlier this year are true, and some have even been validated publicly at this point.  Obviously at this point, all things must be taken with a grain of salt until validation from first party sources happens.  That said, Rasheed’s track record does tend to speak for itself.


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