MLB 14 digital still not available on PS4

MLB 14: The Show finally launched on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday. However, it appears that only those with physical copies of the game are being able to enjoy the first only next-gen baseball game on the market.

Multiple users are reporting that, though being promised a download time on 12:01am ET, MLB 14: The Show is still unavailable to users for download as of 8:30am ET. This has led numerous users to vent their frustrations on social media.


The game’s official Twitter page is adamant that they are working to solve the problem. That being said, when you promise someone Day 1 Digital and have extra time to prepare for this release, there should be absolutely no reason why fans can’t get their digital hands on a copy of the game.

According to some players who have reached out to us, they haven’t even been told whether or not they can get refunds for their digital purchase. If you are having trouble with MLB 14, please contact us on Twitter @FanSidedTech, and let us know about the problems you are having.


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