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NFL Draft rumors: New York Jets keeping in close contact with first round quarterbacks

Right after the free agency period opened up, the New York Jets went out and signed quarterback Michael Vick nearly immediately following his release from the Philadelphia Eagles. This signing comes one year after they drafted Geno Smith out of West Virginia to lead their franchise under center.

So you would think that, with their 18th overall pick in the NFL Draft this week, they wouldn’t have an interest in taking another signal caller, right?

Well that could be the case, but as Ian Rapoport points out just a couple days before the event gets kicked off, the team is keeping in close contact with the quarterbacks that are slated to go early on.

While it might seem ridiculous, let’s remember this is the Jets we’re talking about. If we want to play a “what if” game, let’s say that all the hype surrounding Johnny Manziel is a smokescreen and he falls to no. 18. Would the media-hungry organization pass up on the ultimate PR opportunity of having Johnny Football plastered on the back page of the New York Post everyday?

It’s unlikely that Manziel will fall that far, but it’s a thought to ponder regarding this particular subject.

Another scenario that could be taking place here is the Jets being in love with Teddy Bridgewater, whose stock has fallen dramatically in the eyes of some. Now he’s someone at this point who could definitely be in the discussion at 18.

There’s a lot to factor in with this one, but it shouldn’t completely be ruled out. Vick is older, and if Smith doesn’t improve–there’s a nice back up plan in place.

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