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Steve Francis falls over in nightclub after pouring liquor on his head (Video)

Retirement hasn’t been too kind to former NBA guard Steve Francis, as you can see in the photo above. He is now beginning to shrink and look like a man who has spent too much of his free time abusing his body, and now a new video has surfaced that takes the Francis transformation to new heights — and it is really, really sad.

Francis was enjoying his time at a Miami nightclub when he was caught on film dancing the night away.

That isn’t even the bad part.

What is worse is that Francis was pouring a bottle of alcohol over his head as he glared around the room looking like he had no idea where the hell he was at. The scene continued before Francis eventually looked to rehydrate himself with some water.

Francis poured the water all over himself just like it was the bottle of booze, before falling face first to the ground.

It must have been a long night for Mr. Francis.

Here is the video:

Let’s hope that someone can get this man under control. As it looks now, there is no happy ending in sight.

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