Tom Brady twerks in blonde fauxhawk

Tom Brady once had a wonderful mop atop his head that was a hot topic of discussion for celebrity gossip magazines, but he eventually went to a more clean-cut look. Now, Brady is back with some spectacular hair that had social media buzzing — a blonde fauxhawk.

Yes, that is correct.

The quarterback of the New England Patriots is now walking around with a ridiculous hairstyle that makes him appear to be the fourth member of the lollipop guild.

Here is the visual evidence:

To make matters even more interesting, that new hairstyle has led to more confidence from Brady, who has taken post as security guard for his lovely woman Giselle, and gave him the motivation to try out some twerking at a party they had attended.

From US Magazine:

At one point, the New England Patriots quarterback stopped to get a little twerking lesson from a fellow attendee. “He was an awkward twerker, but he tried, and Gisele was loving it,” the onlooker tells Us of the footballer, who dutifully held his wife’s heels while she danced around him.

Another source notes that Brady kept guard when his wife had to use the men’s room. They continued to party until around 1:45 in the morning, when they left the bash hand-in-hand.

Take that, Miley Cyrus.

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