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Lady Gaga fans enraged after Wizards game forces concert reschedule


Lady Gaga’s legions of fans, the infamous troll brigade known as the Little Monsters, are up in arms.

On Tuesday the Verizon Center announced that it was bumping Lady Gaga’s show from May 15 to May 12 to make way for Game 6 of the Wizards-Pacers playoff series.

To say the Little Monsters didn’t take the news very well…that would be an understatement.

Actually, they completely lost their minds. On Twitter.

Because most of these people never leave the house, Twitter tends to be their only means of expression.

Look at some of what the Little Monsters had to say in response to the reschedule decision.

This person wants the Verizon Center relegated to the same circle of hell where you send child molesters and people of that ilk.

This individual makes a confusing argument. If Lady Gaga brings in more profit, how does moving her show make the Verizon Center look greedy? I…um…er…


This person is just plain angry, but can’t bring himself to swear properly on Twitter.

This person wants to know why the game couldn’t be moved to a different venue. One without a roof.


Another case of society’s priorities being out of whack? This individual believes so. Lady Gaga is ART people.

And of course, this fool is calling for a demonstration.


#artRiot guy gets in a nice dig at the Wizards in the process. Well done. You are an idiot who doesn’t get it, but well done.

By the way, who thinks the Pacers would be better off with Lady Gaga on the court instead of Roy Hibbert? I’ve heard she can really body up in the paint.

For Lady Gaga fans out there across the country, you can find concert tickets available for her current tour.

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