Dec 18, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings (7) heads to the bench during the fourth quarter of Detroit

NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons interested in Bryan Colangelo, Mike Zarren as GM

Mark Jackson was  recently fired as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors and that has some believing he could find his way to Detroit to coach the Pistons out of the funk they’re in. Similar to the Dubs, the Pistons have a talented roster but it’s potential has not yet been tapped. Jackson may be the guy for the job but first the team needs to hire a general manager to run the front office.

So far the list of names isn’t long but it does have two notable names at the top.

Per Gary Woelfel of the The Journal Times:

There are a number of individuals keenly interested in becoming the new Detroit Pistons general manager, although I keep hearing former Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo and Boston assistant general manager Mike Zarren are at the front of the pack.

Colangelo crafted a roster in Toronto that went to the postseason this year but only after someone else came in and tinkered with it in some major ways. As for Zarren, he seems to have a cleaner record that Colangelo but the Pistons may want someone with more experience.

Mark Jackson may be a great coach, Tom Izzo could still be on the radar and there’s no counting out Lionel Hollins either but a general manager needs to be hired before anything with on the bench is discussed and Detroit needs to pick the right guy but do so in a timely manner.

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  • Tahimik

    Too many fans wouldn’t like it if Red, Jackson, or anybody, were to become the GM. Somebody wouldn’t like it. That is why the Pistons continue to fail. The Celtics and Lakers will always be there. People embrace the team. Not in Detroit.