Madden 25: All 32 first round picks to be available in Ultimate Team

madden25When the first round of the NFL Draft gets underway on Thursday, fans won’t have to wait very long to get their hands on the newly drafted players in Madden NFL.

This year, no matter who anybody picks in those first 32 picks of round one, we’re going to do them on draft night

EA Sports has announced that, for the first time ever, each of the first 32 picks of this year’s draft will be playable in Madden 25′s Ultimate Team game mode.

“While we’ve done it in the past, and it’s been kind of fun, kind of neat, we’re really blowing it out this year,” Madden NFL associate producer Joe Alread said. “This year, no matter who anybody picks in those first 32 picks of round one, we’re going to do them on draft night. It’s the best experience we can put forth, and it’s going to be awesome. Really cool.”

And don’t worry. Should a player that was expected to be selected in the first round slide out, EA had a plan to make sure some of those players still get included.

“What we’ve done this year is, we actually had a little bit of fun with our community,” Alread said. “We did a community draft — lots of different communities do this where they have a mock draft –, and from that community draft, we selected a group of 32 players with the idea being that whoever got selected in that draft will 100% be represented in Madden Ultimate Team this year no matter what, even if they don’t get drafted until the second round.”

Players will be able to have access almost instantaneously after the prospects are drafted. Alread said that the plan is to update Ultimate Team after every 5-10 picks on Thursday night. As far as the ratings of the players go, you will simply have to wait until the players are revealed by EA Sports.

Every console version of Madden 25 will have access to the newly drafted players.


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