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Are the Portland Timbers Targeting Didier Drogba?

Could the Chelsea Striker Be Headed To The Rose City?

On Tuesday, the Portland Timbers Owner tweeted out some welcome news to Timbers fans.

The suggestion of an aquisition happening within the next week, the primary transfer window ends on May 12th, would be a welcome sign for a team which went 8 weeks without a win. A major signing for the team which is in need of some offensive fire power this season.

Enter Didier Drogba.

He has long been rumored to arrive this year in the MLS and would be a welcome addition in Portland.  The team has yet to find the firepower they were able to call upon last season. In a city where soccer is a way of life, and commonly referred to as “Soccer City USA“, 1 win through 9 games will not cut it. He would be a significant addition to a depleted offense, and would instantly give Portland a target forward, and someone to play a physical presence in the final third of the field. The asking price would be exorbitantly high, but could prove worth it for a team which is seeking to salvage the 2014 season and still make a run at the playoffs. Clint Dempsey commanded a $9 million transfer fee last year, there would be no transfer fee for Drogba, who is currently not on contract.

The Portland Timbers would likely have to get in a bidding war which could get steep after a weekend in which Drogba’s former team Chelsea offered a reported  “player-coach” contract in which Drogba could play for a year for Chelsea, and then longer-term as an assistant coach.

After practice on Tuesday, head coach Caleb Porter, further confirmed the possibility of a signing in the next week;

We are always looking and I think that perhaps there could be some moves made now and perhaps in the summer

~Caleb Porter

The Merritt Paulson tweet solidifies the fact the team has been looking for an addition for the team, and for at least 2 weeks. While the team has had a rough start to the season, continuing the momentum from their first victory of the season could propel Portland over the next couple of weeks, as they will look to leapfrog teams in the standings, starting with the LA Galaxy this Saturday. The Timbers will be looking to make a major splash after Paulson made sure it was known, he was not happy last year with the Seattle Sounders addition of Clint Dempsey. While the end result may not be Drogba, the charismatic owner is looking to make a big splash.

The clock is ticking with 5 days left in the current transfer window.


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  • Raisin212k

    he would not be a welcome addition.portland doesn’t sign big ego/big dollar players like that

  • Chris Gluck

    Brian – two things – one – I find it very disturbing that you didn’t attribute the article or the writer on where the quote came from… if after training there are usually three to four people present – Jamie, Will, Dan or Geoffrey… or maybe a staff writer for the Timbers… like Brian.

  • Amuse

    raisin u r dumb, just because he is a big name does not make him a ego freak. And if Portland would of signed Dempsey or a player like Dempsey we wouldn’t be in last place. He is a very welcome sight to see, based on the fact the fans want and deserve a big player like him to help score and boost the brand into a MLS power. We have the fan base and the support of an entire state, Portland should be a poster child for MLS. Now they need the players to help that happen.

  • Amuse

    Very interesting. I thought he was supposed to go to Seattle but after further review, they offered 6 million euro for 1.5 years, but he wanted closer to 9 million. So Seattle might be out, and as of right now Seattle is in form and may no longer need to fill that role, especially since signing cooper. Now Merritt also said that it is not jozy or Boyd. Now if you read between the lines it sounds like Merritt is saying that it is going to be a name that everyone will know. I am pretty sure everyone knows Drogba. Now let’s also put together the fact that piquione has been absent for weeks and Drogba would fill the holding cf just like piquione, and Portland said that only having two forwards is a concern, so the priority sounds like a cf to Portland.

    Now put that with reports of Gavin wilkinson being in Eastern Europe and you have a mix of a lot of coincidences. Coupled with no transfer fee, and the Drogba rumor not only seems like a possibility, but a perfect situation for Portland. The only problem is the stigma that Merritt will not spend the money on big name players.