Dec 27, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; General view of an Oakland Raiders helmet at press conference at Oakland Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Five of Oakland Raiders last eight first round draft picks no longer in NFL

The Oakland Raiders haven’t had a winning season since 2003 and while there are a handful of reasons for such, one of the glaring issues has been the franchises poor drafting – especially come the first round.

Early Thursday morning, ESPN’s Sportscenter posted a graphic of the last eight (they held no first round selections in 2011 and 2012) Oakland Raiders first round NFL Draft picks with five of those players currently not on an NFL roster.

The first round of the NFL Draft is used to secure your franchise pillars and needless to say, the Raiders have struggled to find a face of the organization since their Super Bowl run in the early 2000′s.

Shockingly, despite the first round failures, the Raiders did put together formidable 8-8 seasons in both the 2010 and 2011 seasons, which is rather impressive given their recent draft history.

Throwing salt in the wound is the amount of All-Pro level players who were picked directly after the Raiders selection which includes Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and more. Seriously, you could build a Pro Bowl roster off the players listed above.

Hopefully Thursday’s first round will fare much better for Raider Nation as they look to improve off a disappointing 2013.

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  • KloverJane

    Not in the NFL anymore?
    I’m sure there’s another statistic from other teams, whose players are murderers or killed. Just look at all the criminals and law breakers In the Denver organization. Not because Oakland sucks at drafting. But because these players mentioned, were picked and became lazy after those fat checks.
    So, Raider Nation doesn’t need to be reminded of the misfortune that is overhyped college players and their me first sense of entitlement.
    Tonight, it starts all over. Here’s to a better year. The Autumn wind cometh!

    • Mike

      You are correct!! The thing that pisses me off is that the so called “experts” OK’d a number of those picks, then later trash the Raiders. Case in point Robert Gallery. He was the “safe pick” was “going to play the next 10 years at tackle” Russell or Quinn was the experts first pick debate.

      This does not give a free pass though. Big Al did not like to trade down, which I never liked.

      Tonight we will hear those same “experts” say the same old tired things about whomever the Raiders pick.

      GO RAIDERS!!

      • KloverJane

        Exactly Mike. I watched that last night about Gallery. THE MOUNTAIN. These prognosticators are wannabe Edgar Cacy types. It’s easy to see now after they’re in the league awhile. It just depends on who they are as people and where they fit in
        In the puzzling system coaches design.