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2014 NFL Draft Grades: Miami Dolphins

The NFL Draft has come and gone and it’s now time to reflect on how each team did despite the fact that we won’t really know until much further into the future. Still, we can get a fell of how players might do in their immediate careers based off of what they did in college and how well they fit into the systems they were drafted into.

Draft Picks

Pick Player
1.19 Ja’Wuan James, OL , Tennessee
2.31 Jarvis Landry, WR , LSU
3.3 Billy Turner, OG, North Dakota St.
5.15 Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia
5.31 Jordie Tripp, OLB, Montana

Best Pick: Jarvis Landry/WR/LSU

I’m really only picking Landry because I have to pick someone, but this draft class stinks for the Dolphins. Landry is a bright spot though, as he adds a much needed target to the offense and may be the smartest pick that Miami made. He can compliment Mike Wallace and maybe even replace him if things continue to go south there.

Worst Pick: Ja’Wuan James/OL/Tennessee 

James might turn out to be solid but the Dolphins reached for him at No. 19 overall. They tried to trade down but at that point you need to lower the price to accommodate a trade. Miami could have picked up valuable picks later on but didn’t and instead reached for a guy that may be solid but cost them picks that could have landed them a guard in the second round.

2014 Draft Grade: D

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  • AR

    Sounds like Josh is letting his emotions get in the way of objective analysis. I did too, immediately following the draft. JaWuan James was clearly the best ROT left on the board with the possible exception of Morgan Moses. James has great character, great work ethic, appreciation for where he is in life, and really wanted to play for the dolphins. Moses was well known by the Dolphins and passed over for James…that should speak volumes. Overhyped Kouandjio has possible bust written all over him. Judging by the trades that immediately followed Miami’s pick, Miami could likely have gotten a mid/late third down pick for trading down. I would love to have had that pick and James, but reality is that there was no guarantee that he would be there. There is absolutely no way to know. I would have probably taken a trade down, and my chances that James would be there…and either got him later or regretted that decision for another ten years if he was gone. The decision to take him at 19 can only be argued as bad value at the most. The decision to take him will give Miami an immediate starter (at a position of great need) who they will be proud of for ten years…a true asset to the team…a true quality guy. I also would have liked to have picked up a guard in the third round or later. We could have done that anyway if we hadn’t traded up with Oakland for Turner. We could have got Gabe Jackson at 81. Yankey and Dozier were still around at 125. The fact is that no one can have everything. But to call a great selection at a high price a bad pick is idiotic. Conservative yes, safe yes, worst pick of their draft…sheer idiocy. If you want picks to gripe about, our last 3 picks could have netted FB Jay Prosch (immediate special teams player, pass blocker, lead blocker, power runner for short yards), DT Daniel McCullers (help against the run), and ILB Yawin Smallwood (at least as a chance to upgrade the LBs). Time will tell however if these would have been any better than the three Miami picked. I could be wrong about them, and Miami could be right about their choices…I sure hope so.