May 7, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Mike Minor (36) pitches in the second inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Rumors: Could a Braves-Mariners trade be on the horizon?

The Major League Baseball season is still young, but that doesn’t mean that teams who have glaring needs won’t start thinking about trades. With that in mind, the Atlanta Braves could address one of their big needs while providing a little roster relief to the Seattle Mariners.

Time for some possible MLB rumors? Why not.

The Mariners don’t have any room on their roster for second baseman Nick Franklin while Robinson Cano is still wearing a Seattle uniform, and the Braves are in desperate need of a second baseman other than Dan Uggla.

The Braves also have (unbelievably) an abundance of starting pitchers — too many to fit in their current rotation — something that would definitely appeal to the Mariners.

A trade between the two teams (not at all in talks right now mind you) would be beneficial for both, if the Braves sent a starter like Alex Wood or perhaps Mike Minor to the Mariners for Franklin.

The Mariners are a couple of men short in their rotation, so it would be a good opportunity for the likes of Wood or Minor to secure a spot before June or July. And the Braves have got to figure out a way to get some solid production at second base, both at the plate and in the field, as it is obvious Dan Uggla may continue to struggle for the entire season once again.

Wood is a very strong young prospect, who has shown he has the stuff to pitch at the major league level, so a one-for-one swap to get Franklin probably wouldn’t happen. The Mariners would have to sweeten the pot a little (or a lot) to get the Braves to pull the trigger on a deal like that.

But Minor has had several seasons to make his mark in Atlanta, and the combination of some inconsistent work along with injuries has raised a few questions as to his long-term prospects with the club.

Would this kind of trade make sense for both clubs? Let us know what you think.

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  • Jeff Schafer

    Absolutely not for the Braves. Braves have Pena and Pastornicky on the club already who are as good as Franklin, if not better. Also they have Tommy La Stella waiting in Triple-A. To give up one of their best starting pitching would be a mistake.

    I could possibly see Aaron Harang be moved once his magic is gone…and it seems to be slipping

    • Michael Collins

      Harang could be a possible trade-bait solution, but not sure many clubs would bite. He’s not going to keep posting those 7-8 inning no-hitter type games, but he’s going to even out to be probably the Braves #3 starter when all is said and done. I’ve watched Nick Franklin play and I honestly believe he’s better than both Pastornicky and Pena, with even more potential to get better.

  • Jonathan

    Atlanta sports humorist is right. LOL. No way the Braves trade Wood or Minor for Nick Franklin, and then do what with Uggla? Bench him? Release him? You can do that now without having to trade 1 of 2 good pitchers for a second baseman who is actually hitting lower than Uggla is, albeit with limited playing time, but still. Braves could just bring up La Stella or use Pastornicky or Pena. Keep Wood in the pen.

    • Michael Collins

      The possibilities of Pastornicky and Pena have already been explored, both with mixed results. The thought is that the Braves could get a young prospect who is more game-ready than LaStella without having to shell out big free agent money. Look at Minor’s career numbers and I think you’ll agree that he hasn’t exactly been the shining star the Braves thought he’d be. Wood still has potential to be, which is why I said the Mariners would have to sweeten the pot.

  • Jonathan

    Oh, and to answer your question of
    Could a Braves-Mariners trade be on the horizon?


  • Dan Hughes

    At this rate, the Mariners are going to bring up Franklin to play SS – his natural position anyways – and trade or demote Brad Miller. While the Mariners could use another starting pitcher now, if James Paxton and Taijuan Walker come back healthy for the rest of 2014, they will have an abundance of starting pitching. What they need is a power bat in middle of the lineup to protect Cano.

    • Michael Collins

      Hey…Uggla’s a power, really. he is. :)

  • RW

    The Mariners don’t need another starter at this point. With King, Iwakuma, Elias and Young pitching very well, there really is only one spot for concern in the rotation right now. However, Paxton and Walker are close to returning. If anything, the Mariners may have a stockpile of starters in a couple of weeks. Miller is struggling mightily and Franklin should be brought up relatively soon. The author of this article hasn’t been paying attention apparently

  • Lance Miller

    Great article. In fact I loved it the first time I read it on ESPN Insider earlier this week. Almost word for word. Sad.

  • Stan Williams

    What an uninformed uneducated piece. The Mariners starting pitching shortage is temporary. They just for Iwakuma back and Paxton and Walker are soon to follow. If anything they should Be trading some of the many major league ready arms they have in the minors for some mOre hitting. They rank near the top of the league in ERA as it is. This team needs offense. They get another bar or two and they win the west. Their biggest mistake was not coming To terms with Kendrys Morales. I know where I won’t be looking for legitimate sports info. Famished is Bush league.