Texans beat writer John McClain eats newspaper after losing bet (Video)


Houston Texans beat writer John McClain was so sure the team would take a quarterback in round one of the draft, he made a wager promising that if they didn’t he would eat the front page of the Houston Chronicle.

McClain must have been very disappointed when the Texans selected Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick instead of a QB.

You can call McClain an idiot if you want, but you can’t call him a welsher. Sunday he made good on his bet, tearing the front page of the Chronicle into strips and consuming them.



You have to wonder, did the Texans always intend taking Clowney, or did the chance to see McClain humiliate himself convince them to change their pick?

That’s the question. Is it worth changing the entire course of your franchise just to force a beat writer to make a fool of himself?

You have to give it up to McClain though, he is a terrific sport. His irrationally unwavering insistence that the Texans would take a QB despite everyone in the world believing the first pick would be either Clowney or Khalil Mack…that wasn’t so brilliant.

But he’s a stand-up guy. That’s for sure.

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