May 9, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns first round draft pick Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) speaks during a press conference at the Cleveland Browns Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel received significantly more twitter mentions on Thursday than NHL and NBA Playoffs combined

Not only were all eyes focused on the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, but they were fixated on one of the biggest stars in the event, Johnny Manziel. The attention became even greater once Manziel began to drop as the round went on before finally being selected 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns.

But if you really want to see how much of an impact made on the viewership of the draft, well, there’s no better way to gauge that than by the number of times that he was mentioned on twitter.

How many times, exactly? Well Manziel was mentioned over two million times, which absolutely annihilated both the NBA and NHL Playoffs combined between the hours of 7 PM and Midnight.

Of course, as King also pointed out, that also included an NBA playoff game that involved one of the biggest sports stars on the planet, if not the biggest, in LeBron James as the Miami Heat took on the Brooklyn Nets.

You can hate Manziel all you want, and there are a lot that do, but between this stat and the overnight ticket sales for the Browns that he produced, you can’t knock his impact on the sporting landscape as a whole.

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