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Mitch Williams ejected from youth baseball game for cursing at umpire


Former major league relief pitcher Mitch Williams showed off his anger management issues Saturday by getting tossed from a youth baseball game for cursing out and nearly having a physical confrontation with an umpire.

Witnesses at the Ripken Baseball event say Williams, who coaches his son’s ten-and-under team, was riding the umpire all game for his calls before finally erupting. Williams got right in the ump’s face, yelling profanities at him in a spectacle one witness said was just like a major league argument.

Williams was finally ejected from the event, but not before multitudes of ten-year-old children got to learn some new words courtesy of Wild Thing.

Ripken Baseball initially banned Williams from the remainder of the weekend tournament but the finally relented, allowing Williams to return on Sunday. The umpire who became engaged with Williams was himself booted from the event after Saturday’s game for alleged “unprofessional behavior.”

Fans got after Williams on Twitter when hearing about his behavior and of course Williams was apologetic. Um, actually no he wasn’t.



Though Williams claimed in his tweet that there is video of the altercation, no video was available when Deadspin tried to view it.

I think what we have here is a full blown cover-up. Little league man. So sordid.

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