Watch Dogs: 13 Facts that have been confirmed

With the launch of Watch Dogs growing closer by the day, the anticipation for the once launch title, is growing by the minute.  Thanks to Animation Director Colin Graham, and Creative Director Jonathan Morin’s answers on Twitter, we have a nice list of facts confirmed for the upcoming release.

Check out the juicy details below:

1.  Watch Dogs will have 65 vehicles, including cars, boats, and motorcycles.  Vehicle customization is not an option, however character clothing is.

2.  Profiling a person will allow you to take their money, download songs, gather information, and more.  Money will build from profiling people and, obviously, the more high profile the target, the bigger the haul.

3.  Unlocking cars on the Car-On-Demand app can be done in three different ways:

  • You have driven the car previously
  • A hacked civilian owns the car
  • You purchased the car from the app itself

4.  Aiden becomes stronger using skill trees, and is also able to construct and craft items.  Examples of items that can be made include frag grenades, focus booth, IEDs.

5.  The crafting system stands as a limitation for the hack to make the city blackout.  At this time there isn’t info as to what the resource is, but the assumption is that it’s something that takes time to earn, or is a bit rare.  Blackouts though, have no cooldown time.

6.  Aiden has to hack specific CTOS towers to hack into the area the tower is in.  (Sounds like synchronization points a la Assassin’s Creed)

7.  Items in the game can be pawned for cars, ammo, etc.

8.  Watch Dogs features an in game social network to more fully immerse the experience with the storyline characters.

9.  There is no cross platform functionality.  The smartphone app will only work directly with the PC or console versions.

10.  Watch Dogs will not feature multiplayer functionality for any of the mini games.

11.  The weather cannot be controlled by the user, but sleeping at a hideout will change the time of day.

12.  Free raom and data encryption are the two functions exclusive to next gen versions of the game (Xbox One, PS4, and presumably PC).

13.  The game will require a 7.5 GB install.  The is important for Xbox 360 owners with limited storage capacities.

Keep it tuned to @FanSidedTech for everything Watch Dogs in anticipation of the games release.

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