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WFAN's Mike Francesa says Mets acting like 'jackasses' for banning personnel from show

You want minced words? Go to your local psychiatrist.

You want brutally blunt? Ladies and gentlemen…we give you Mike Francesa

The outspoken WFAN radio host recently blasted the New York Mets for reportedly blocking him from doing a remote at Citi Field for the team’s Subway Series with the New York Yankees.

Now Francesa has accused the Mets of going even further with their shunning of his show, saying the team has banned anyone from the franchise — players, coaches, television personalities — appearing “because The Fan did not re-up their radio contract with the Mets after all these many years,”

Just listen to the clip below, courtesy of Bob’s Blitz



Wow, talk about not pulling punches. Francesa is throwing the gasoline on those bridges and doing a George Costanza “Flame on!”

Francesa even managed to take a shot at the Yankees, saying “We’ve got some new rules that we agreed to with the Yankees which are stupid, too … The Yanks’ are as petty as the Mets are.”

The Mets have not been without response, as according to the Daily News, “a team source said the Mets were not ‘boycotting’ WFAN, rather trying to build up their new radio relationship with WOR. The new flagship is not eager to see Mets on the old station, a source said.”

Freddie Mercury said it best, when he said “All we hear is Radio ga ga, Radio goo goo”

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