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Whether you have played a Saints Row game or not, the misconception that the series is a rehash of Grand Theft Auto couldn’t be further from the truth.  Today, Xbox Live Gold members get the opportunity to download the game for free via the Games with Gold program.

Saints Row: The Third, obviously the third installment in the series, is a significantly different experience from its predecessors.  The Third features the same tight shooting and driving mechanics that the second installment highlighted.  Outside of the gameplay, next to nothing about the storyline or experience has remained the same.

The Saints Row series started off as a game targeting the open world crime gameplay that gamers came to know through Grand Theft Auto.  As the series has evolved, the focus has been shifted towards a more zany and entertaining experience through a goofy story and weaponry stable, and uses the open world gang theme as more of a back story.

The game received mixed reviews depending on what kind of experience the reviewer was hoping to get, but overall was received warmly.  Download it now and check it out for yourself.


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