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Dwyane Wade: 'This is the match-up we envisioned'

Dwyane Wade feels like the match-up in the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers was inevitable. Furthermore, he wonders if we could have all saved ourselves some time and energy by just skipping ahead to this instead of actually playing the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Leave it to the guy who can barely play two games in a row to wish that we could have skipped some games.

Here is what Wade had to say about the match-up (quotes from the Miami Herald):

This is the matchup we envisioned,” Dwyane Wade said Friday, as Miami began preparation for Sunday’s Game 1 in Indianapolis. “It seems like you could have just gotten to this point a long time ago.”

That seems to overlook the issues the Pacers have had recently, of course. They got off to a slow start against the Atlanta Hawks; at that point many people wrote them off. In the second round against the Washington Wizards, many people wrote off the Pacers before the series even started.

Yet here they are, dysfunction and all, to take on the Miami Heat. That’s not to mention the fact that the Pacers have home court as the number one seed in the conference. Many people have surely already penciled the Heat into the finals in this “inevitable” match-up that just does not feel as intriguing as it should. Will the Pacers overcome their issues once more and advance? It should be interesting to see how they match up with a well-rested Heat squad.

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