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MLB Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays could seek trade for Jeff Samardzija?

Nobody is separating themselves from the pack in the American League East. The Toronto Blue Jays, mashing the ball to the tune of the league lead in multiple offensive categories, might recognize an opportunity and look to make an in-season trade to bolster their pitching staff.

Jim Bowden of ESPN suggests that the Blue Jays should make a move for Jeff Samardzija (insider subscription required). With Samardzija more than a year away from free agency, the Blue Jays could feasibly justify such a move as more than an effort to “win now.” Bowden also suggests that Toronto could possibly pull of such a deal without dealing top prospects Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman.

While Samardzija would almost certainly welcome the chance to pitch with an actual offense that provides actual run support at his back, he might not be so fond of a move to Toronto. The Rogers Centre has yielded the most home runs in the American League (58) so far in all of baseball, ahead of even Coors Field.

While it seems insane to say this given the fact that he haz zero wins, luck has been on Samardzija’s side in some senses (.273 BABIP). His HR/FB% in 2013 (13.3%) was much higher than the pace he is on this season (4.2%). That number might balloon back up even more than normal regression if he pitched in Toronto and had to face American League lineups.

That said, he would still be a marked improvement over the current options in Toronto. If they are able to hang around the AL East race for long enough, then perhaps they will look into such a move.

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