Oklahoma City Thunder suffering from curse of Seattle Sonics (Infographic)

There has been a lot made about the Oklahoma City Thunder in recent years and how they just can’t seem to get over the hump. While they have the MVP of the league playing for them, one of the best point guards in the NBA leading the way and a bench that has the potential to be one of the best in basketball, the Thunder just aren’t as good as they could be and we are running out of reasons to blame.

We may have found the culprit of the Thunder’s woes though as all of the troubles Oklahoma City have at the moment can be traced back to the struggles they had in Seattle. Don’t blame Kevin Durant, Scott Brooks or Russell Westbrook — blame the Curse of the Sonics.


As you can see, everything goes back to Seattle and the curse that was put on the team when they were stolen and relocated to Oklahoma City. Some of the preexisting curses have even been passed down from the Sonics to the Thunder as the Curse of Paul Westphal couldn’t have less to do with Oklahoma City expect for their bloodlines with Seattle.

What this proves is you can take a team, move it to the midwest and rebrand it with a new logo but you can’t escape the skeletons on the closet and the curse that seems to be incurable no matter how far you run away.

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