Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft walks onto the field before a game against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Kraft believes football brings people together

Robert Kraft has been the owner of the New England Patriots for twenty years. After two decades of being in the business, what does he think has the most effect on football and the world today? Technology.

Here’s a little of what Kraft had to say:

“You know, I think what’s happened in America, but pretty much the Western world, is people are wedded to their smartphones and their iPads, and they’re texting and they’re not connecting with one another. When 70,000 people come to our stadium on a Sunday, they’re all about the team on the field, and I think everybody has a sense of community in supporting these teams.”

Kraft hopes to create a sense of community when people attend a Patriots game. A goal most owners should strive for.

Although always glued to their phones, people today can use technology to further their football experience as well:

“It was amazing to me: this past weekend we had the draft, and almost 50 million people watched the draft, double the ratings of the NBA, triple of the hockey, and this is a draft, that’s passive. And it’s just because people are into – they play fantasy football with their kids, and they’re just into what we try to create and integrate into community.”

The NFL has become one of the greatest products to unite millions of fans worldwide in a way no one could have fathomed twenty years ago.

Kraft’s full interview transcript can be found here.


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