Nov 11, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (18) scores a touchdown during the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 38-23. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles may move on from Jeremy Maclin after 2014

With the NFL Draft now behind us, there are some players currently on rosters in the league that are now in direct danger of losing their jobs and being forced to look for work after the 2014 season concludes. Near the top of that list is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who seems to have little to no future with the Eagles after their draft produced two wide receivers who will look to supplant him in the depth chart.

According to the Boston Globe, the writing is on the wall for Maclin and his one year deal now seems more like charity than it does an actual contract.

Per Ben Volin:

He just signed a one-year deal to start alongside Riley Cooper, but the writing is on the wall that he’s not long for the Eagles. They gave Cooper, not Maclin, the long-term deal, and just drafted Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff in the second and third rounds.

He’s coming off of an ACL injury, so at the very least Maclin will be able to go out and prove that he can still play hard and function on a football field. He won’t be able to do much more though as the receivers the Eagles have invested more in seem to have more to offer than Maclin does and it’s a matter of time before he’s out looking for work elsewhere in the NFL.

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  • joe

    Not writing him off yet. He dominated in a spread in college, he’s shifty and can get into open space well. Good with touchdowns too, can move the chains well. I think eagles are heading in a certain direction to how they handle positions and contracts, like the patriots. If they can replace his production, why keep him? They lost Welker and a few others because of it but still played pretty well, still nowhere as good as 2011 though.

  • shady25

    Doubt it. Has any of the local media confirmed this story? Why would we listen to the Boston Globe about a Philly problem? Plus Roseman has even stated in the past that they offered Maclin a long term deal but he wanted the one year deal and may sign the extension during the season. Maclin is a Chip Kelly guy, not going any where.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Eagles offered him a 5 year deal. He declined. If he lights it up they’ll find a way to keep him. If not Huff will be in the slot and Mathews will replace. Got to cover all angles.