May 21, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with tight end Jason Witten (82) during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Witten believes Tony Romo will bring Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win

The Dallas Cowboys have been unable to get over the 8-8 hump in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped the team from dreaming big. At a time when people are concerned about the back of Tony Romo and whether or not he can get the Cowboys to the next level, his good buddy Jason Witten has come to back him up.

The Cowboys tight end recently spoke with ESPN and had nothing but praise for his team’s signal-caller.

Not only does Witten believe that Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League, but he believes Romo will be able to deliver the team their first Super Bowl win since 1995.

“I think he’s an elite quarterback and he’s going to bring us a championship here,” Romo told ESPN.

It is good that Witten has confidence in Romo and believes he is the right guy for the job, but none of that matters in the end if Romo can not prove those comments to be correct with his play on the field.

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  • SmartThinking

    Romo needs to focus on remaining upright throughout the season. Philadelphia isn’t going to come along quietly. Neither is New York. Plus, the season opener against San Francisco scares the beJesus out of me for his health. Before we all focus on a Super Bowl, we need to get this team through the season with its multi-million dollar QB intact. Personally, I’d settle for a slot for this team in the playoffs. Romo’s mind is out-playing his body right now. I also think the owner and coaches are extremely concerned that he’s just one blind side hit away from a wheelchair … and another season without more wins than losses for this team. When I think of the play-off and SB caliber defenses this Dallas team will face this season, everything will fall on Romo and his very suspect back for this team to be successful.

    • Earl Robertson

      You got that right, and even if Romo plays all 16 games the coaching has to improve for this team to make the playoffs

      • Michael Davis

        Also if our defense had an average number of injuries the last 2 seasons we would have been 10-6 made the playoffs last two seasons.

    • JoeDaBeast

      I think the team has taken the correct steps with building up the offensive line and signing Ryan Williams. Now if they just RAN THE FREAKING ROCK, then things should be better. Control the clock, keep the opposing offense off the field, and put touchdowns (not only field goals) on the board and we should be better than 8-8 this season.

      • SmartThinking

        I wouldn’t bless this team quite yet with “taking the right steps”. They’re moving in the right direction, at best. The O line still needs to replace Leary or, his knees will take him out himself and we’ll need a competent replacement, probably by mid-season. So there’s still work to do along the line, especially if Free leaves. Also, I wouldn’t place too much faith in Ryan. IMO, he won’t last through the OTA’s. I’ve seen the UFA, Copeland play. He is a genuine TD machine and he must find a home on this team. Also, the Aggie RB is a full load and a very deceptive runner. Most defenders didn’t see him coming until they were flat on their backs after he ran though them. Both those guys are better than somebody else’s rejects.

        That’s personnel. And debatable. An increased and effective running game makes sense assuming Murray doesn’t get hurt early. No one else on this team can get to 1,000 other than him.

        As for Clock Management and all the other coaching stuff, that’s all on Garrett. So far, he hasn’t learned from his mistakes, even with additional demotions. My hope is Linehan stays close to Garrett’s side during games so he can poke him in the ribs when there’s a decision to be made.

        Regarding finishing better than 8-8 … after a long look at this season’s schedule, who they play and when, plus an overseas flight to and from London, I’m on record stating that it’ll be a success if this team makes 7-9. Personally, I don’t see much better than 6-10. But, hey, I’m an optimist!