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Jun 27, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; A general view as NBA commissioner David Stern (right) , deputy commissioner Adam Silver (left) and former NBA player Hakeem Olajuwon speak on stage after the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft Lottery 2014: List of prospects who will attend

The NBA Draft Lottery is this week and the NBA is trying to make it into even more of a spectacle than it already is. While the lottery itself could be done behind closed doors and announced as such, the event is televised and put on primetime for ESPN to air.

Of course, they don’t sir the only part we care about seeing, as the actual drawing of the ping pong balls is a top secret event, but they reveal the results and get the NBA Draft kick started on live television.

While the owners or representatives from teams in the lottery attend, so too will the top ten draft prospects that most of the teams there will be picking next month. Draft Express has released the ten prospects who will be attending the lottery on Tuesday.

Dante Exum was invited but elected not to attend, as did Michigan State guard Gary Harris Jr. Both will be training in Los Angeles but the rest of the draft’s top players look like they’ll be attending.

It seems rather tedious to invite the top prospects to the lottery, as nothing really happens and the event gets in and gets out before the tip off of the playoff game the succeeds it in ESPN’s programming. While the order that is selected is valuable information, dragging it out even further by inviting the ten prospects seems a bit much but the NBA needs to start making itself more popular and what better way to do that then to jam more and more things down our throats when the sports television competition is extremely low.

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