Dec 29, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (21) against the San Francisco 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Peterson takes shots at Richard Sherman

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is sitting back and hoping that he can receive a huge pay raise much like Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman. As far as Peterson is concerned, he has a much more difficult task in the Cardinals defensive scheme than Sherman has in Seattle.

“[Y]ou put [Sherman] in our system, I don’t believe he would last,” Peterson told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “Obviously, his job is much easier than mine.”

Peterson then went into detail about why Sherman has a much easier job.

“If you look at their scheme and you look at our scheme, he’s a Cover-3 corner, period,” Peterson said. “A lot of guys say he’s a shutdown corner, but if you look at film and guys who understand the game, go back and look at film and see how his defense is.

“I believe if you put him in our system, I don’t think he’d be able to last, honestly, because I’m asked to do much more than he is.”

Peterson is hoping that he can get a big money deal like Sherman received, so it is no surprise that he is trying to hype himself up and show how he stacks up against the best cornerback in the game.

Now we will just have to patiently sit back until Richard Sherman catches wind of the comments and responds.

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  • Erockalypse

    It’s all about that $$$$ boss

  • Pichach

    To sherm its not just about shutting down a guy, its about turnovers. He’s somewhat restricted by the system, but that’s because the other guys have their stuff covered, we dont need him to do what Peterson does. We need to him sync up with the secondary and generate turnovers.

  • HD

    I posted this on story…

    After SF beat GB in the first game last year and Kap had over 400 yards in the air…Bolden came up huge…the next week when SF came to Seattle…Sherman played Bolden…all over the field…that was his guy…I think he had two catches for nearly no yards…that’s an unusual scheme for Seattle but Sherman shut him down….Arizona just got done drafting hard hitting safety’s the last two drafts…and added another press corner on the other side Cromarte in free agency…sounds a lot like a Seattle scheme to me…They say that copying is the highest form of compliment…..Seattle uses “press corners”…which requires physical press coverage making it hard to get off the line and disrupting timing…but also being able to react to the run and seal the corner when necessary….Whether Sherman is the best or not is not really important…what’s important is the defensive scheme and it’s execution that result in Wins..Arizona like Seattle is facing some pretty talented receiving corps in 2014…Arizona has a formidable secondary without a doubt…In the end…the season and how it plays out is the only opinion that really counts though

  • RegisHawk

    Sherman has admitted that Peterson is the better athlete (even though idiots would like to deny Sherm ever giving anyone else credit). That’s about as far as it goes when comparing the two. Sherm understands offensive looks and uses his brain to defend the play. Peterson uses his athleticism to compensate for his flaws. The net result is obvious, even though Peterson doesn’t want you to look at stats (how convenient). In addition, as the years progress and Peterson’s athleticism declines, the difference will become abundantly clearer.

    Say whatever you can now to get paid, Peterson…this might be the only chance you get to make a buck.