May 8, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Home plate umpire Chris Segal (96) makes a call after Cleveland Indians catcher Carlos Santana (not pictured) was tagged out at home plate against the Minnesota Twins in the first inning at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Home plate umpire hit flush in nuts by foul tip during baseball game (Video)

After an impressive run during the ACC tournament, Georgia Tech took on Maryland Sunday afternoon though there was one person in attendance who is likely wishing he would have stayed at home today – the home plate umpire.

Tasked with calling balls and strikes, the umpire seemed to be having a rather solid day behind the dish until a foul tip ruined his day and likely made all that watched the play live a little nauseated.

Perched behind the catcher, the umpire put himself in position to make a decision on the incoming pitch but a Georgia Tech batter decided to swing away instead. Unfortunately for the blue, the GT hitter whiffed on the pitch, but caught just enough to deflect the ball out of the catchers glove.

Unable to react in time, the ball ventured flush into the groin area of the umpire who immediately went down in a mass amount of pain, understandably.

The ball appeared to bounce off of what would presumably (I hope) be a cup and go into the inner thigh of the umpire, though any ball bouncing off a bat hitting your thigh and/or nuts at over 100 mph is enough to bring an elephant to his knees.

And they say that baseball isn’t a contact sport.

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