May 16, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A Jacksonville Jaguars football helmet sits on the ground during Rookie Minicamp at Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles is giving up on getting an NFL team

It’s been a long time since Greater Los Angeles had an NFL team to call its own, and it’s looking like the people leading the push for a new team in that market are about ready to give up the ghost.

There have been rumors for years of course about various teams moving to L.A. to fill the void left by the Raiders and Rams, including rumors about the Raiders and/or Rams moving back to L.A. There have also been reports about the Vikings, Jaguars, Bills, Chargers and other teams moving to L.A. at various times.

And all that talk and speculation has resulted in precisely zero teams in L.A. An attitude of resignation appears to have overtaken Los Angeles folks eager for a team to move in.

“I’ve finally, personally come to a conclusion,” LA City Councilman Bernard Parks said to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News (via PFT). “I have to resign myself to the fact the NFL is not coming. . . .  After you put 10 years into something with nothing in return. . . .  If this was a marriage, you’d be divorced.”

There’s a Donald Sterling joke there somewhere but I’ll avoid it.

Parks went on to lament the lack of will within the NFL to make something happen on the L.A. franchise front, a lack of will he said is caused by a desire not to upset the status quo.

“The NFL doesn’t want to risk upsetting the political structure,” Parks told Graham.  “The league is facing critical issues. They don’t want to litigate these things.

“In many ways, they’re like the old Mafia. They just want to make money and don’t want to do anything that will disrupt that.”

So in that analogy, I guess Roger Goodell is the Godfather? Who’s Fredo?

And frankly, who cares if L.A. ever gets a team? It’s definitely not worth if if it means moving a traditional franchise like the Bills or Chargers. Leave teams where they belong. If you want to move Jacksonville, that’s fine. No one cares about the Jaguars, including people in Jacksonville.

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  • Bob

    The NFL wants two teams in LA which means eventually there will be two NFL teams in LA. The Chargers were the LA Chargers, so that is a natural fit. Many of us don’t want more games in Europe, 18 game season, and expanded playoffs, but the NFL does and eventually it will happen. Ten years is no time at all.

  • Bobby Postma

    You are pretty stupid for saying that no one cares about the jaguars, even the people in Jacksonville. That’s probably why we just broke the record and was all over the news for having over 6,200 fans come to our rookie. …….. Let me say that again Dan. ……. ROOKIE training camp. Not mini camp, not training camp, ROOKIE training camp. Check your facts first before you make some dumb remark like that

  • Matt Hoffman

    This article is completely ridiculous and unprofessional. The potshots taken at the Jaguars are childish and ignorant, at best. 6500 people for a rookie minicamp practice. Exceeding estimates for season ticket sales already. A fan group in the Bold City Brigade that has chapters all over the country. Yeah, clearly no one cares about the Jaguars.

    • Bobby Postma

      That is exactly what I said, only not so nice. That stab at the jaguars wad probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on this or anything else

  • Michael Grande

    I do. #LARAMS2015

  • James Schroeder

    Yeah these other gentleman are correct. The Jaguars already had a lot of ticket sales for being an relevant team. I think it’s a little misleading to say their own Fanbase doesn’t care about them, although I could see why you would say it. I mean, I do get it. It’s like saying nobody outside of Cleveland knows the Cleveland Browns exist. There maybe a lot of truth to that but you can’t take that franchise away from their own Fanbase. They are loyalists to their team, otherwise I’m sure they would have considered moving to Los Angeles.

  • Michael Grande

    Bring back the Los Angeles Rams on Facebook, over 37,000 and growing.

  • Jason Sprod

    Dan Zinski, the Rams will be back in LA, Kroenke has bought land at inglewood for NFL/MLS Stadium.

    • Mike

      Not going to happen!!

      • Jason Sprod

        We will see what Kroneke does!!! The Rams won’t stay in St Louis. St Louis can’t support 3 Professional sporting teams, just be happy with having Baseball and Ice Hockey in St Louis.

  • Brian Roberts

    You sound like an 8-year old who didn’t get the toy he wanted. I’m not even Jaguar fan, but know Jacksonville is a great football town and supports that team as well as any in the league.

  • David Parada

    Frankly as an NFL fan, I’m in the camp of “Los Angeles doesn’t need the NFL.” Would it be nice to have a franchise in town? Absolutely, however, it’s getting close to 20 years since the NFL has left town. I enjoy the better variety of games on television and if I’m really desiring to see a game in person I can drive to San Diego and see the Chargers.

    Sadly, we’re in a Catch-22. Los Angeles won’t built the stadium if no team commits and the NFL won’t put a franchise in LA without a stadium.

  • Francis Paul Ganon

    All this “talk and speculation” is created by you media guys digging stuff out of you know what!

  • Daniel Lago

    You can do better bud. If you’re going to be intentionally ignorant, at least be a little creative instead rehashing 5-year old pot shots.

  • Ben

    Dan, you really need to find another line of work since reporting on such nonsense about the Jaguars ends your credibility. We have a lot of fans excitement about this team and it is on the rise. If you’re too lazy to check the facts about our team support and about the excitement that our latest drafts brought to the city, it just shows how incompetent you are as a sports writer which is below pathetic. You should really look into a low intelligence job that does not require much brain works since it seems that you don’t have much of one with this piece of garbage article.

  • Kenneth Tarlow

    If 1/4 of the LA NFL viewers would stop viewing–You’d be surprised how fast a team would come!!!

  • JagNative

    I was going to gripe about the lame attempt to disparage the fans of my Jaguars, then realized no one of any import had said anything.

  • Steve Oxley

    We Jag fans hate ignorant writers like you. Why don’t you move to LA? No one will miss your sorry, insignificant attempt at writing…^*&($%^&!!!

  • Jeremy Alan Cating

    Did you say don’t move classic teams like the Chargers? The Chargers began in Los Angeles you dip wad!