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MLB Rumors: Boston Red Sox will have flexibility to make big trade

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The Boston Red Sox have lost nine straight games. Potential moves later this summer are probably not a top consideration at the moment as they just need to find a way to stop the bleeding.

If they are able to get things back on track enough to justify a buyer’s mentality around the time of this summer’s trade deadline, they will have the payroll flexibility to make a big, splashy trade. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports the following:

“The Red Sox appear to be about $23 million under the luxury tax threshold of $189 million, even after signing Stephen Drew. This allows them to make a significant pickup or two at the trading deadline. There’s been talk about acquiring an outfielder, such as Andre Ethier, if Boston’s outfield remains unproductive.”

The addition of Drew and a capable hitter in the outfield would go a long way for a lineup that has been a gigantic disappointment thus far in 2014. Can the pitching and the spare parts currently holding things down in the lineup get the team in a position to take advantage of their flexibility and pursue a big trade?

To be fair, Boston’s problems have partially resulted from tough luck with injuries and bad luck in close games. While those breaks might even out over time, the Red Sox have still clearly identified some holes on their roster. They accounted for one of those holes when they signed Drew this week. By the time they are in a position to make a big trade to add either an outfielder or perhaps starting pitching help, will they be in position to justify such a move?

We should know better than to count the Red Sox out, especially in May. But if they are going to turn things around they need to show signs of life soon and before they fall 10 games below the .500 mark.

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