Dec 29, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs the ball during the fourth quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals defeated the Ravens 34-17. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Rice's attorney suggests the running back was hit first, as if that somehow makes beating his wife acceptable

The backlash against Ray Rice’s press conference and lack of punishment from the NFL has been swift and strong. Over at Sports on Earth, Tomas Rios wrote a great piece detailing just what was wrong with that press conference and the horrible message it sent. Now, there’s more disappointing news regarding the situation: Rice’s attorney is trying to make excuses for Rice’s horrible behavior that evening.

Check out this, from the Baltimore Sun:

The attorney for Ray Rice suggested that the Ravens running back retaliated after being struck first by his then-fiancee during a domestic-violence incident in February.

Philadelphia lawyer Michael Diamondstein, who helped Rice obtain approval for a diversionary program that will allow him to avoid jail time and offer the chance to have his record cleared in a year, appeared to give a detailed “hypothetical” account of what transpired at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., during a radio interview with Matthew Hammond of 97.3 ESPN-FM in New Jersey.

“This is just a complete hypothetical,” Diamondstein said. “Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, rather than enter into the pretrial diversionary program that he entered into, we hypothetically move forward on the case. Hypothetically, we litigate 100 motions, and the video comes out and the video shows — hypothetically speaking now, hypothetically speaking shows that Ray wasn’t the first person that hit and Ray was getting repeatedly hit, but just Ray hit harder, fired one back and hit harder.

“Hypothetically speaking, and he gets found not guilty. Is that result somehow better? Is it better for the public? Is it better for the Ravens? Is it better for Ray? Is it better for Janay [Rice]?”

Whether or not Rice’s wife did indeed hit Rice first is irrelevant. He is a professional athlete, a large, strong, physically imposing man. She is not. He takes a pounding from NFL lineman and linebackers every day in his job. She does not. Even if she was repeatedly hitting him, there is no excuse for striking her back even once. And there certainly is no excuse for beating her continuously.

This doesn’t seem to be a case in which Rice lost his temper momentarily and struck his wife one time, immediately apologizing and repenting for his actions. He allegedly beat her repeatedly, knocking her unconscious before dragging her around. He then failed to apologize to her during a press conference in which he apologized to nearly every other person on the planet — most of whom where not even remotely involved.

How in the world does the fact that she possibly hit him first make any of that okay? It doesn’t. It can’t.

This is another embarrassing attempt by Rice’s camp to deflect attention away from Rice and make excuses for his behavior. It makes me incredibly sad, but in an NFL world where the punishment for smoking weed is stricter than the punishment for abusing your wife, it doesn’t make me surprised.

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  • d_snypa

    Shut up! Women want to be treated equal yet, if she hits a man the man is expected to sit there and get his a$$ kicked, because she’s a woman. I’m not defending his actions or anything but the attitude of the writer of this article suggests that it means nothing that she started hitting him first. It does. What it means is Ray Rice is not a habitual wife beater. It means an argument was escalated by her physically attacking him. In a man vs. man situation that would be considered self-defense why should it be different in a woman vs man situation especially if she was the initial aggressor. Whatever the punishment he gets for retaliating (because he’s a man) she should get a punishment as well for initiating the assault. But it won’t happen people are just going to focus on the fact that he’s this NFL running back who is used to taking punishment and she’s this innocent defenseless little angel.

  • Kraven

    I saw No pictures that said to me that this woman was beaten. Knocked out sure but beaten is a different thing entirely. No Individual has the right to strike another. In this case by her own admision she struck him first. the real question after this is did he simply stike back without thought instinctivly and that was the end of it or did he actually beat her. If all he did was strike back then this was not a crime and needs to be handled through remediation and posible anger management mainly on her part. just because the after effects of the strikes were more pronounced on her does not make her guilt free.

  • doc holiday

    Lawyer named Diamondstein,defending a Thugger,yep.