May 26, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter (2) fields a ground ball hit by St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Peter Bourjos (not pictured) during the sixth inning at Busch Stadium. New York defeated St. Louis 6-4 in twelve innings. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter gives ball to young Yankees fan at Cardinals game (Video)

Derek Jeter is spreading his Jeter-y brand of love all over America, and I don’t mean that in a gooey sexual sense, I mean it in a strictly folksy aw-shucks man-of-the-people showing love for his fans type of way.

Jeter takes care of his peeps, whether they be in Yankee Stadium or in one of the other ball parks he is visiting as part of his farewell tour/year-long gift grab. Here we see the Captain handing over a souvenir ball to a young Yankee fan at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

That’s all it takes to make a young man happy. One simple little baseball. Which I’m sure that kid will not try to immediately sell on eBay so he can have the money for Playstation games.

I know, awfully cynical of me. But this is America of 2014. It’s not 1955 anymore. Back then, a baseball was just a souvenir, something to be cherished. Now it’s an opportunity to cash in.

That’s a baseball that was touched by Derek Jeter during his farewell tour. The kid could sit on that for a little while and have himself a nice chunk of change. I wouldn’t even blame him if he did that. You’ve got to look out for number one.

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