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Ice Cube: Phil Jackson regrets going to New York Knicks

Hip Hop artist and entertainer Ice Cube was caught at the airport by TMZ, where they managed to ask him two quick questions, one of which being whether he thinks Phil Jackson regrets going to the New York Knicks.

Wait until you see what Ice Cube had to say about that.

“Yea, I know Phil hates New York. At least coaching them. He might love the city, but the team is garbage,” Ice Cube said to TMZ.

Well, he does have a point in that the team is in pretty bad shape. However, Ice Cube probably didn’t realize that Jackson isn’t actually coaching but is the president of the team.

Jackson meanwhile has been looking for an actual coach to take over the team. Steve Kerr was rumored to be a prime candidate for the vacancy left behind by Mike Woodson, but he decided to decline the offer from his former coach and will be taking over the Golden State Warriors next season.

It’s no surprise that Jackson is trying to get guys he has worked with before, as Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw was also rumored to be a target of his, but Shaw denied any such rumors saying that he is committed to his current team.

One thing that Ice Cube got right is that Jackson has a pretty mediocre team on his hands, pretty much no draft picks in the next couple of years and no real cap space to work with. Even with a legendary status around the NBA, it’s a tough task to rebuild this Knicks team.

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  • Jenffrj

    Another pathetic Laker fan is heard from. Seems to me that you will be lucky if your team rises to the level of mediocrity, so don’t you worry about the Knicks.

  • Isaiahdolan

    Such an in-depth article!

  • AnIrregular

    “Yea, I know Phil hates New York. At least coaching them.”

    Phil isn’t coaching New York.

  • Mike Scott

    Yeah and Cris tucker regrets doing Friday after he left the series turn to crap! LoL!

  • Hush Pearson

    so cause ice cube says it, it must be true??

  • DDubya

    I’m hoping that this writer is an intern because if they’re not someone is stealing a paycheck…

  • jerry

    i for one would love to coach the knicks. after all being better than last season is not a very hard thing to do. with or without carmelo.

  • King & Queen of N.Y.

    Ice cube needs to STICK to doing movies and his garbage azZ LA lakers let phill do his job……….FOH

  • Patrick Preziosa

    Last time I checked the Lakers sucked too..playa!!

  • 4ArthurDent

    As if I am going to listen to a 40 year old man who calls himself Ice Cube

  • Nino AKA Cracka Killa

    Yea right, cube just venting cause his garbage Azz lakers aren’t gonna win anymore rings in this century ever again. Im a hard core knicks fan but if I had to support an LA team it would be the clippers.