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MLB Power Rankings: A's, Tigers remain on top

The Oakland A’s could afford to absorb a series sweep. That’s not to say they were particularly excited about losing three games to the Toronto Blue Jays this past weekend. Presumably they found that bit quite annoying, especially because they kept the bats in Toronto’s lineup relatively quiet but were still swept. Even still, the A’s have been so dominant this season, with an overall run differential of +100, that their reign at the top of our MLB Power Rankings was not affected.

As for those Blue Jays, they are rising up the ranks as they play the hottest baseball in the whole league. They join the Los Angeles Angels as a team that does not seem like it has enough pitching, yet the peripherals surrounding their success thus far at least suggest that they could stick around for the long haul.

On the National League side of things the rise of the St. Louis Cardinals is among the top stories. While I have always thought that the Cardinals would ultimately be one of the top five teams in baseball, I did not have the guts to leave them up there during their struggles. I wasn’t up for the beating I would have taken. But now it is palatable, and necessary, to bump them ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers.

For now it’s still the A’s and the Tigers and then everybody else. With some intriguing teams behind them, how much longer will that be the case? Here are the MLB Power Rankings for week 10 of the season.

1. Oakland Athletics Oakland A’s (31-20, no change)

2. Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers (28-19, no change)

3. San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants (32-19, +1)

4. Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels (28-22, +1)

5. Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves (28-22, +1)

6. Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays (30-22, +9)

7. St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals (28-23, +5)

8. Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers (30-22, -5)

9.  Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers (28-24, no change)

10. Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies (27-24, -2)

11. Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles (26-23, -4)

12. New York Yankees New York Yankees (27-23, -1)

13. Washington Nationals Washington Nationals (25-26, -3)

14. Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals (24-26, -1)

15. Miami Marlins Miami Marlins (27-25, +2)

16. Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (22-27, no change)

17. Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners (25-25, +1)

18. Texas Rangers Texas Rangers (26-25, +2)

19. Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays (23-29, +2)

20. Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox (26-27, +4)

21. Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins (23-25, +2)

22. Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox (21-29, -8)

23. New York Mets New York Mets (22-28, -4)

24. Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians (24-28, +4)

25. Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies (22-26, -3)

26. San Diego Padres San Diego Padres (23-29, -1)

27. Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates (23-27, -1)

28Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks (21-32, -1)

29. Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs (19-30, -1)

30. Houston Astros Houston Astros (20-32, no change)

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