Jul 26, 2013; Richmond, VA, USA; A Washington Redskins player

Chris Kluwe calls out Redskins for #RedskinsPride Twitter campaign

Fifty United States Senators sent the Washington Redskins a letter encouraging them to consider changing the the name from what many consider to be a racial slur. Senator Harry Reid might be the most outspoken against the name.

“Dan Snyder, he’s got a great new deal,” Reid said, via the Washington Post. “He’s going to throw a few blankets to the Indians and get a tax deduction for it. I can’t imagine why the man doesn’t realize that the name is going to change. It’s only a question of when it’s going to change. That’s the only question.”

In a campaign to get the Redskins fans to back the name, the team encouraged them to tweet Senator Reid using the hashtag “RedskinsPride.”

That ultimately backfired and many on Twitter used the hashtag to speak out against the name or call out the Redskins instead. That includes the outspoken former NFL punter Chris Kluwe who has never been afraid to support a cause, namely gay rights. His response is great and he tries to make an analogy to demonstrate how stupid their campaign is. His tweet is a bit NSFW, so consider yourself warned.

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  • Will

    Dan Snyder and the NFL should be ashame of themselves. Snyder is coming off as a racist hypocrite and for some odd reason the tax exempt NFL and all of its billionaire owners appear to ignoring the wishes of their fans. Why is it so hard for some people to do the right thing!

  • James Kallestad

    Anything Kluwe is for I’m against. Minnesotan’s are sick of his rhetoric.