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Edwin Encarnacion hits 15th home run of May (Video)

The Toronto Blue Jays are trying to win their 10th straight game on Thursday night. A big reason why is the torrid production of slugger Edwin Encarnacion.

Along those lines, Encarnacion delivered his 15th home run of May in the opening game of the team’s series against the Kansas City Royals. That means that, of his 17 home runs this season, Encarnacion has 15 this month.

He earned it on his most recent shot, hitting it off Kansas City Royals’ ace James Shields. As for the Blue Jays, they are trying to keep their winning ways going against a team in the Royals that is going the complete opposite direction.

What we might also note at this point is the fact that the Royals have 21 home runs total, as a team, for the 2014 season. Not only does that mean that the Blue Jays have hit almost five times as many home runs as the Royals as a team; it also means that Encarnacion is fast approaching their season total as a team with his individual output in May.

Such as baseball goes, we might look back on this stretch in May and giggle at the days when we thought the Blue Jays were good and that the Royals would stink. But if this is a sign of things to come, then we have at least two teams that have not met the projections offered for them before the season started.

In the case of the Royals, they are a team that is underachieving. As for the Blue Jays, they have far exceeded expectations, led by the mashing of Encarnacion.

Here is video of Encarnacion’s home run off Shields, courtesy of

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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