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Winnipeg Goldeyes fan stands tall, won't give up foul ball (Video)

Check out the Winnipeg Goldeyes fan (who may be Larry/Jerry/Terry from Parks and Rec) refusing to yield to the Lincoln Saltdogs first baseman and heroically making the catch.

The guy is pretty pumped about his effort. Turns out there’s a little backstory here. Per some person on Reddit, this same fan about a year ago had a chance to make exactly the same kind of play, but gave way to the fielder because he feared he’d be called for interference. After the game, a Winnipeg player explained to him that it’s okay to go for the ball as long as you don’t reach over the fence into the field of play.

So, fast forward to this year. Same situation. Fan, now armed with intricate knowledge of the fan interference rules, does not yield to the opposing fielder, but sticks his arms straight up in the air like a forward trying to draw a charge and still makes the catch. Result: he saves his team an out.

And in case the umpire wasn’t sure, he bangs his hand on the fence to say I INDEED WAS WITHIN MY RIGHTS, MR. UMPIRE.

People think Cardinals fans are the most knowledgable in all sports but I think this one Winnipeg Goldeyes fan might have them all beat.

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