Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) with his helmet off returns to the huddle against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings could be valued at more than $1.2B with new stadium

The Los Angeles Clippers selling for $2 billion this past week has franchise owners across sports looking at their teams and licking their lips. It’s no surprise that NBA franchises are some of the cheaper franchises in sports, with the Milwaukee Bucks selling for a seriously low piece of $550 million this month.

NFL teams are generally valued at or around $1 billion which means if a team in the NBA can sell for $2 billion, NFL owners are believing that their franchises could be worth even more. It seems that opening up a new stadium only helps your net worth and the Minnesota Vikings are looking at becoming a very valuable franchise.


Forbes valued the Vikings as $1.007 billion last August, and that figure is sure to rise once the team moves into its new stadium. The Vikings have ranked near the bottom of the league in local revenues for years, thanks to the Metrodome, but they’ll see a huge windfall from their new $975 million facility in 2016, and that could send the price of the team up by another $100 or $200 million. Forbes’ valuations had the Indianapolis Colts — who opened a new building several years ago — at $1.2 billion last August, and the Vikings can expect their operating income to be in a similar realm

The Vikings aren’t a pristine franchise in the NFL as the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots are valued much higher and could be teams that reach the $2 billion mark if they were ever sold.

Minnesota isn’t on that level, but the fact that a news stadium could bump their franchise value north of $1.2 billion is telling of just how profitable and exclusive the NFL is.

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