Jan 22, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Paul George (left) and guard Lance Stephenson against the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George on if he wants Lance Stephenson to return to Pacers: 'I mean, I don't know'

After six eventful games, the No. 1 seed Indiana Pacers were tossed from the playoffs by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, sending this young, talented group home packing wondering what went wrong.

Well, some would argue that part of the reason this Pacers team couldn’t pull it all together was because of the immature antics of Lance Stephenson, who put on full display this series just how far that immaturity goes.

The pinnacle of this was in Game 5, a game which the Pacers won, where Stephenson was caught blowing into LeBron James’ ear.

But now, here’s the thing with Stephenson. He will become a free agent shortly. Which actually makes his antics that much more befuddling, seeing as now some teams that could have potentially wanted his services may turn the other way.

And then, of course, there’s always the possibility that he could return to the Pacers instead of heading elsewhere, but then the question becomes: Would his teammates want him back?

Well shortly following the Game 6 blowout on Friday night, the most critical member of the Pacers and one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA, Paul George was asked whether or not he would want to play with Stephenson again; and let’s just say that the response wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

Nope. Not a ringing endorsement by any means.

Still, considering the way that Stephenson has acted not just in these playoffs, but throughout the entire season, you can’t blame anyone on the Pacers –nor anyone on any other team for that matter– to be skeptical about playing with someone like that.

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  • Jon Brown

    As a fan of the Pacers, the fact he led in triple doubles makes me not want to lose his talent…. But no talent is worth his insanity, his selfish play at times, and the fact that everyone sees the entire Pacers organization as a joke now.

    • gezzr

      I think you read the situation as a basketball fan more than a Pacer “homer!” But the amount of money that will be involved in signing a F/A like Stephenson will jump him FAR ahead of the “stars” currently on the Pacer roster and that just might cause a little more dissension among the troops.

      • Jon Brown

        I agree. But more than dissension, I think signing him would also scare away any free agents that would want to sign with us.

  • Jordan Hiser

    As a fan of the University of Cincinnati, I’m utterly embarrassed that Lance Stephenson has behaved this way. Basketball in 2014 has no place for his antics, and it seems clear that he will likely be buried in obscurity on a terrible team in the near future with his contract coming to an end.

    No one can tell me that swing at Cole was 100% unintentional. In the context, one would have to be more delusional than Lance Stephenson was throughout this series to actually believe that he didn’t mean to do that.

    • ThatssoRiley

      Yeah that hit was intentional, it’s sad that he has all that talent and is going about it the wrong way to get himself noticed. I would think he has someone in his ear telling him to do these things. On the other hand he may ADD, I’ve noticed he’s always bouncing around and has so much energy. My brother has it and he can’t sit down if he does try to take a little break he explodes and does something silly.

  • Santiago

    Paul George needs to look in the mirror. All of his points were empty points he padded his stats with and came when the game was already decided by 20+ points. Overrated, just like the Miami crowd chanted.


    I wouldn’t want him!

  • gezzr

    Paul George does NOT make personal decisions for the Pacers so the question is basically mute! However Larry Bird DOES and he has ALREADY registered his displeasure with Stephenson’s behavior. I’m guessing that a BIG part of the “blowout” last night was Miami’s PROFESSIONAL answer against Stephenson’s childish behavior two days before!

  • geraldshields

    In reference to Lance Stephenson: You can talk all the smack you want, but come game time, you must “make payment” on that talk with great play.

  • Kamen

    Talent will prevail 99% of the Time!!!!!

  • http://www.scorestreak.com/ ScoreStreak

    If the Pacers don’t bring back Stephenson, who would they play at SG that would be better? Do they try to resign Evan Turner or bring in Luol Deng to play SG? Their bigger headache is at PG where George Hill is not getting any better.