May 16, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A Jacksonville Jaguars football helmet sits on the ground during Rookie Minicamp at Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars fan sports hideous tattoo (Photo)

Getting a tattoo is possibly the worst way of showing your undying loyalty to your favorite sports team, and the whole mess only gets worse when the tattoo in question is ugly and tasteless and just downright stupid looking.

This Jaguars fan has to go around for the rest of his life with this thing on his arm. What the hell is that even supposed to be? It looks like a furry suffering from some kind of bizarre infection that has left his body covered in green spots.

Is that tattoo supposed to be funny or sexy? Because it’s neither. It’s just perplexing and vaguely porn-y. And you can’t even tell that it has anything to do with the Jaguars. It’s just some random weird inexplicable slightly naughty image inked into that guy’s arm.

I’m going to assume that guy was incredibly drunk when he got that done. He’s probably drunk all the time, come to think of it, being a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

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  • Natedogg265

    In a few years he will have an epiphany and begin to understand people don’t few his decision making with favor.

  • Bobby Postma

    You are seriously the worst writer I have ever seen on here? I don’t even know how you still have a job. This is the second horrible article I have read from you. Just do us all a favor and just quit. Too immature to be a writer

  • JagNative

    OH NO, DAN ZINSKI is hatin’ on the Jags.

    It’s as if nothing has happened…

    • Bobby Postma

      This guy is just dumb

      • Matthew

        the guy with the tattoo? or dan zinski? i would vote for both. i can’t even begin to fathom why he would write those last 2 paragraphs. every nfl team goes through down years – EVERY. on top of that, it’s a fairly personal attack.

        • Bobby Postma

          Lol both actually. But mainly Dan. Talking all that junk about fans not liking our franchise when we set the record for attendance. I wonder if someone from the jaguars stole his lunch money or something, would explain these childish attacks. And that tattoo guy should stick with long sleeve shirts from here on out. Lol.

  • CarsonHowell

    I’m pissed that I came here only because I have this pathetic article undeserved traffic.

  • Chris

    Your ignorance is the only thing this article shows. If you were a legit sports writer on any level, you would know that this is the Jaguars’ mascot Jaxon. And beyond the obvious of who is on the tattoo, is something that only Jags fans would get which is why its cool. You’re the idiot if you’re “perplexed.” I bet you thought you would get some laughs with you article…well everyone is laughing…. at how clueless you are!

    • Bobby Postma

      Well said Chris. ….. Well said