Apr 9, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin (7) talks with center Omer Asik (3) in the second quarter against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets must trade Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin to make a big splash

The Houston Rockets have made it clear they want to make a big splash in the offseason.

New York Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony reportedly tops their wish list, they see Minnesota Timberwolves’ power forward Kevin Love as a great fit and will likely show interest in Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard Kyrie Irving.

However to make a the “big splash” they want to make, they will have to either find a taker for center Omer Asik and point guard Jeremy Lin or include them in a trade for one of those players, writes Bill Ingram of Basketball Insiders.

Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander made quite an impression when he claimed that his team would make a “big splash” addition this summer. With one quick quote he fired the imaginations of Clutch City fans who were left cold when the team that hoped to contend was ejected from the playoffs in the first round. Several weeks have passed since Alexander dropped that bomb, and rumors are starting to leak out about just which ripples Alexander is targeting. The ever-entertaining, often-wrong rumor mill has it that Houston will chase Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving this summer. Of course, chasing and landing are two different things, as the Rockets have often learned. Here’s a look at the scenarios surrounding each player and how they would help Houston grab a spot in the NBA Finals. In each case, we assume that the Rockets are able to move Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin, either to Minnesota, New York or Cleveland, or to some third team that just wants to take on those balloon-payment ending deals. The Rockets have zero ability to add a big name this summer if they don’t move Asik and Lin in the process.

Asik, who the Rockets thought to be a poor fit next to Dwight Howard, averaged 5.8 points and 7.9 rebounds per game in 48 games last season. Lin went for 12.5 points, 4.1 assists, 2.6 rebounds and 1.0 steals per game in 71 games.

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  • westseadoc

    Love won’t sign with the Rockets. First, it is not clear at all how well he and Harden would mesh, given Harden is a black hole with the basketball. Second, McHale is the coach. Minnesota is ecstatic about having McHale NOT be the coach of the T’wolves (he was there before) as he was considered a major failure as a coach, in developing talent, evaluating personnel, and game strategy. If McHale was not the coach of the Rockets, last season, the Rox would have made it to the semi-finals at least. He has a very adequate if not elite point guard in Jeremy Lin but did not know how to develop his talent and discipline the very very weak defender, Harden. Third, he will be a better fit in Boston and then maybe LA because of what the Lakers could trade for him. Lin and Asik are very good players and would be valuable trade chips if Morey wasn’t so busy choking on his cleverness (their back loaded contracts). He has made them desirable but not worth the money they would have to be paid — and I’m a JLin fan who thinks he never had the chance to truly succeed or fail … and that is on the coach. Lin / Asik to the Celtics would be a great trade but Morey has made it too large a $$ pill to swallow… and he was hailed as “genius” … maybe a bit premature?? If the Rox “make a splash” it will be costly to the Rox and might hamstring them for the future, so Rox fans better settle in for some trying years. A McHale-less team could do very well with current personnel, setting up for good trades and renegotiated contracts after 2015 but Morey is in love with McHale … not much different that Ryan in love with Sanchez (How well did that work out?). So prepare for another quick exit and a team in chaos. Lin should be given a true opportunity (if they have to keep him). He will either increase his value or sure save on future contract $$.

    • Bill Mcintyre


    • Robert W

      I think it’s more that McHale is a willing puppet of Morey that he keeps him around.

  • cdblue10

    Free Lin

    • mataikan


  • Smith A

    Free Lin (and Asik).

  • Anthony Phan

    i said this before, if the warriors could trade andris and richard jefferson to make cap space for andre iguodala than the rockets should be able to find someone to take lin and asiks maybe not together. If the nets are smart they should pursue trade for both lin and asik for deron. The nets players are old and they need young guys. plus after this year they can resign lin and asik to a more reasonable contract instead of dealing with deron williams ridiculous contract allowing them to sign other players. I dunno i just really want lin off the rockets. Frankly with all the coach firings im surprised mchale wasn’t fired. If he wasn’t the coach i believe the rockets could have gone deeper into the playoffs maybe into the conference finals. He let Harden and parsons jack up shots in the fourth quarter when they weren’t falling, he made one bad decision after another and it cost them the series. Lin needs a new team, and hopefully its a team that wont blame him for bad game and lose. Sorry for ranting and most likely my horrible grammar just really wanted to type this.
    # Freelin

  • mma_ko

    Love how some dumb writers are boosting Kyrie Irving now … what has he won? …. which team did Lin get his triple double in 29 mins off (and Irving was playing in that game btw)? now this dude thinks he’s a max player. hope one of these go through …and watch houston get stuck with these contracts ….will be like the nets.

    • Je Ballew

      A big splash and then they drown. Obviously they don’t know how to swim.

  • Juvan Baldeo

    Yes trade LIN and ASIK ASAP to make a big splash not for the ROCKETS to the team will LIN and ASIK will be even you add more superstar to the rockets they will not gel because of HARDEN still in the team no chemestry and a very HORROBLE COACH yes go on rockets if you want to be a champion buy a ring to make it fast no long term goal!

  • Ray B

    Free Lin

  • gasparthe2

    Stupid Rockets. They have the point guard that they need and don’t know how to use him. I hope ‘they do get Carmelo and hence be Cursed for years on end. Ha!

    Free Lin!

  • MSW


  • Je Ballew

    Splash, drown and sink.

  • Robert W

    M&M have been so exposed now for their inabilities to manage and coach, any NBA player that wants to be a true contender for the chip won’t join this team. But if they are stupid enough to be lured by the green instead, that is on them.

  • Whitman Lam

    Watch Morey gut the Rockets roster for Carmelo, and take on the awful contracts of Bargnani, JR Smith, and Felton.

  • Sharks

    Cleveland or Boston?