Apple WWDC 2014: Apple has sold over 800 million iOS products

Each year during the Worldwide Developers Conference, Tim Cook never shies away from the opportunity to boast on how successful Apple has been since the inception of the iPhone operating system.

Cook continued the tradition by announcing that Apple has sold over well 800 million iOS products. Those sales includes all things iPhone, iPod, and their latest iOS product, the iPad. Here’s his breakdown of how each product has sold:

  • Apple has sold over 500 million iPhones units (introduced in 2007).
  • Apple has sold over 100 million iPod Touch units (introduced in 2007).
  • Apple has sold over 200 million iPad unit (introduced in 2010).

Of the three sale numbers, what sticks out most is the iPad as they’ve doubled the iPod Touch in total sales in spite of being released three years later.

Despite the overall drop in tablet shares, the Apple iPad continues to dominate the market compared to its competition. During the first quarter of 2014, Apple sold a total of 16.4 million iPad’s, down from the 19.5 million sold during the first quarter of 2013. But they still have a huge hold on the market, accounting for nearly 33 percent of the tablets sold during the quarter (approximately 32.5% according to the IDC). Following Apple, Samsung rang in at 22.3% market shares during the first quarter, with ASUS (5.0%), Lenovo (4.1%), and Amazon (1.9%) filling out the rest of the top five.

With Apple constantly looking to improve their products and the release of the iPhone 6 right around the corner, it won’t be long before Apple hits the big 1 billion on iOS products sold.

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