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Chad Greenway saves Minnesota boaters who got into danger

The Minnesota Vikings are trying to turn their franchise around and this offseason is being spent rebuilding, retooling and redoing everything has been done before so that the 2014 season for the Vikings doesn’t end up sinking like it did last year.

But while the players are away from the field, each of them seem to be doing their own thing and for star linebacker Chad Greenway, his summer activity involves taking a stroll on the beach, spending time with his family — oh and saving boaters who are in danger on the lake.

According to KARE11 in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Vikings linebacker rescued two people when their boating trip turned into something a bit more dangerous than they thought it would end up being. Thankfully for these two people, Greenway was there to save the day.

The two people were stuck on the lake, after they were unable to steer the boat.The boat then started drifting toward the dam, which is when Greenway came to the rescue.

He jumped in and got the boat and everyone inside safely to shore.

This is just another one of those really cool stories where a famous person steps in and lets their basic humanity save the day. WHen you see someone in trouble, your natural human instinct is to go help them and make sure that they’re alright. Greenway is wired differently though, as when he sees someone in trouble he usually pounces on them to make sure they go down hard.

Thankfully for this pair of boaters, Greenway was on the lake and not the gridiron — and he was just there in general which proved to be a bigger blessing than anyone though it would be.

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