Feb 22, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale (49) poses for a photo during photo day at Camelback Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago White Sox force Chris Sale to shave 'raggedy' beard

When it comes to facial hair, each Major League Baseball team has their own set of rules.

The New York Yankees, for instance, don’t allow much (if any) facial hair and certainly will not allow a player to have a beard. Meanwhile, teams like the Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants are a bit more free spirited when it comes to the grooming habits of their players.

But what about the Chicago White Sox? We’ve never really heard about their rules, though apparently, they’re rather strict as ace pitcher Chris Sale was recently informed he needed to shave off his beard as it was too ‘raggedy’.

“They said my beard was getting too raggedy,” Sale said Monday. “I got a call from the front office saying my beard was too scruffy and it had to go.”

So who was behind the clipper request? Apparently manager Robin Ventura, who wasn’t a fan of Sale’s overgrown-self, suggesting that he needed to ‘clean himself up’.

Teammate Adam Dunn, who had his own beard (though not nearly as scruffy) apparently showed up to practice much more manicured, though, there’s no word if that was simply a choice of his or if he too was told to make a change.

As for Sale? He said he hadn’t heard of any such rules until now, though, played nice and did what was asked of him. He says he’ll now go with a ‘cleaner’ mustache look.

So how say you, FanSided? Fair or foul on Ventura’s request that Sale shave off the beard?

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